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Moxie Boosts Self-Service With Widgets, Crowdsourcing

Moxie Software recently released two separate, albeit highly complementary, CRM self-service applications.


Knowledge Spaces lets user embed self-serveelements throughout a website. In this example, the hypothetical company”SE Communications” has embedded “Most Popular Questions,” and “NewestSolutions” on its front page.
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One is a revamped version of its self-service application called “Knowledge Spaces.” Enhancements allow users to “widgetize” pieces of the application and embed just those portions on a website.

The other application, Social Knowledgebase, allows companies to crowdsource answers to questions or inquiries for use in a self-service format.

Together, the apps allow a company to break apart crowdsourced self-service features — such as Frequently Asked Questions — for publication in various spots on a website, Nikhil Govindaraj, VP of products, told CRM Buyer.

Embedding Self Service, Marketing Elements

“What we have done is broken down components so a user can selectively choose what to display on a website,” Govindaraj explained. “A search box could be one example of a widget or a list of the top 10 most searched-for items.”

The application allows users to do this via a self-service portal that provides HTML widgets for a search box, hot topics, top FAQs and latest articles.

“Any HTML developer or webmaster can take these widgets and style them as they please on the website,” Govindaraj said. “The user can seamlessly integrate service and marketing context throughout the website through a clever use of these widgets.”

Crowdsourcing the Right Answer

The second application the company released this month is Social Knowledgebase, a tool that allows a company to crowdsource answers to customer queries within the company or to a controlled community like the customer base.

The platform comes with portals and embeddable widgets for customers to self-serve or participate in the community. Another feature quickly connects a query to a subject matter expert within the company. There is also a collaborative platform to be used internally to refine an answer before it is widely disseminated, along with workflow and approval processes. Another feature allows the user to recommend and promote content into the knowledge base based on ratings and reputation.

While a company needs to first tap its internal expertise to build up a knowledge base, that is no longer enough in many situations, Govindaraj said.

“The reality is a company needs to tap many different sources of information to deliver just the right answer to a customer in a timely manner,” he explained. “Customers have questions — agents don’t always have the answers. It’s an age-old problem that the modern social knowledge base is becoming increasingly adept at solving.”

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