CloudShare, HubSpot Integration Offers Clearer Vision of Product Engagement

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Marketers and retailers can now more easily monitor customer engagement directly from HubSpot’s CRM business platform.

Software-as-a-service firm CloudShare on Tuesday announced the integration of its product experience platform with HubSpot. This integration lets business-to-business software marketers access data on product competency and engagement of their customers.

B2B software marketers need visibility into how customers and prospects interact with their products so they can improve product experiences. The integration enhances the streamlining of operations, improves marketing opportunities, and reduces the risk of customer churn.

For example, by monitoring the extent to which a prospect is engaged during a product proof of concept or product training, marketers can proactively address concerns and respond to opportunities.

“Everyone is talking about delivering the right content to prospects during the sales cycle, not just when they move from MQL to SQL. This integration is an opportunity to make that happen,” Jeremy Davis, product marketing manager at CloudShare, told CRM Buyer.

This integration benefits both CloudShare and HubSpot by freeing both products’ users from having to deal with siloed data, he explained.

The combination of platforms improves what other CRM systems provide by enabling marketing or sales ops teams to create automation and reporting to give everyone a clearer picture of the sales cycle and more insights into the prospect journey, Davis said.

POC Measurement

CloudShare also recently enhanced the analytics capabilities in its platform to expose in-class participation rates and drop-off rates of those who participated in proof of concept (POCs) — and for how long. This allows software organizations to measure POCs and customer training return on investment effectively.

The integration with HubSpot is the latest in a series of product releases from CloudShare aimed at improving product engagement and experience. Earlier this year, the company announced an integration with Salesforce, as well as in-app video conferencing and multi-instructor functionality.

CloudShare collects data on product participation during POCs and training sessions. Now accessible from HubSpot, CloudShare’s data allows marketers to monitor product engagement levels directly from their HubSpot platform.

This cross-departmental collaboration streamlines the management of a customer’s journey, from sales demos to onboarding and training.

Now CloudShare and HubSpot users will be able to complete their prospects’ journeys. Previously, marketers and sales teams were working through an inefficient workflow, with each working separately to close deals, according to Davis.

“With this integration, CloudShare and HubSpot users can build a seamless process to give prospects valuable touch points throughout the sales cycle, helping to close more deals, faster. The old bickering between marketing and sales around prospects can be put to rest,” he asserted.

Integration Strategy

CloudShare’s virtual experiences are replicated in the cloud and purpose-built to generate user engagement. The result impacts key business metrics such as repeat purchase rates, lower support costs, higher win rates, faster sales cycle, and more.

“CloudShare is dedicated to doing everything possible to help its customers reduce costs and save on resources, especially in times of recession,” said Muly Gotlieb, chief technology officer at CloudShare, in a company press release.

“Our integration with HubSpot is a part of this strategy: Enrich your CRM with crucial data on how engaged your prospects and customers are with your product, and you will more quickly be able to derive conclusions about your sales and training operations, allowing immediate corrective actions to optimize your POCs, close more deals, and make sure your customers are fully competent on your products to raise customer retention, which is more crucial today than ever before,” he enumerated further in the CloudShare news release. 

The platform partnership came as the result of CloudShare users seeing the impact that CloudShare POCs have had on their prospects. They were looking for ways to improve their sales cycles even further. They asked for native integration to improve their workflow, offered Davis.

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