CDC Launches Pivotal for iPad

CDC Software Corporation, an enterprise software provider of on-premises and cloud technologies, has just released Pivotal CRM for iPad, an application that enables users to access CRM information whenever and wherever they need it.

“Today, CRM is going in two distinct directions,” Jason Rushforth, president, front office for CDC Software, told CRM Buyer. “One is social CRM, the other is through mobility. If you don’t have those, you’re probably dead in the water.”

Pivotal CRM for iPad offers a personal dashboard that provides a snapshot view of the information most important to a particular user. Information displayed in the dashboard can include charts such as line and bar graphs, Web pages and search result lists. Customers can also utilize the Pivotal Toolkit to mobilize their business applications, as well as workflows to create their own iPad applications.

Custom Searches

By configuring searches to look at any data within the Pivotal CRM deployment, users get instant online access to information relevant to their job. They can set up important, completely custom searches such as open opportunities forecasted to close in a given period, newly acquired accounts with a specified net value, or key company or contacts in a specific area.

New data and updates are reflected instantly in the enterprise CRM database when the user is online. When a wireless connection is not available, users can still access CRM data that was synchronized to their device.

Pivotal CRM for iPad, which includes full integration with Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Maps, is available in the App Store. Terms, conditions and restrictions apply.

Pardot Adds Keyword and Competitor Monitoring to SEO

Pardot, a marketing automation solution provider, has upgraded its software to include new search engine optimization (SEO) tools for small business marketers. The cloud-based system now includes features for monitoring of keywords and competitors.

The data, compiled from multiple sources, is available to marketers from a dashboard within the Pardot system. These newest SEO tools are free to Pardot users, and can be paired with Pardot’s other market reports for tracking and improving multichannel marketing.

Pardot’s keyword monitoring tools provide insight into how well various keywords used in a marketer’s content are performing. Users can track their site’s ranking in Google and Bing for the keywords that are important to their businesses.

It also enables marketers to see the ranking difficulty for each keyword, the average cost per click if they want to bid on the keyword in Google AdWords, and the approximate search volume in Google for an exact query.

The competitor monitoring tool allows marketers to see how their SEO ranks against that of competitors. Users can track key components that influence SEO ranking, including their competitors’ Google PageRank, inbound links and indexed pages. Pardot also stores historical data so marketers can view trends over time, including the ability to see a complete audit of historical data on a competitor’s performance.

“Search remains as one of the strongest channels for B2B lead generation,” Adam Blitzer, Pardot’s COO and cofounder, told CRM Buyer. “Typically, marketing managers have to wear a lot of hats in small to mid-sized businesses and don’t really have time to devote to learning solutions and tools. By providing them with data about search marketing results proactively, they can figure out what they should be working on based on data that makes sense for them.”

Knowlagent, DMG Consulting Aim to Boost Call Center Profitability

Knowlagent, a provider of productivity solutions for call center agents, and DMG Consulting, a provider of contact center analytics research, market analysis and consulting services, have published two whitepapers and two corresponding podcasts that demonstrate how call centers can improve enterprise performance and profitability.

Entitled “Using Agent Idle Time to Improve Enterprise Performance and Profitability” and “The Power of Real-Time Delivery: Using Agent Idle Time to Improve Service,” these offerings identify how real-time work allocation solutions enable dramatic improvements in service delivery while simultaneously reducing agent downtime.

Visit Knowlagent to read the whitepapers and listen to the podcasts.

Message Systems Announces ‘Momentum for CRM’

Message Systems, a provider of messaging technologies, has introduced a new line of software solutions that extend and enhance the messaging capabilities of legacy CRM systems.

The first module in this new line is tailored to boost the email and SMS/MMS capabilities of Oracle’s Siebel CRM application. Momentum for CRM empowers B2C and B2B organizations relying on Siebel to unleash its full potential as a cross-channel marketing platform for engaging today’s increasingly mobile customers.

By effectively integrating the email, SMS and MMS channels, Momentum for CRM enables organizations to engage customers in two-way conversations through email and text or both. In addition, centralized logging for both email and SMS delivery receipts ensures clear use tracking, and visibility into how and when messages get delivered.

Denise J. Deveau is a seasoned freelance writer based in Toronto, Ontario. She has more than two decades of experience in business- and technology-related subjects.

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