Bizness CRM Homes In on SMB Prospects

There are countless of CRM apps for small businesses, Bizness Apps CEO Andrew Gazdecki readily admits.


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But CRM apps aimed at companies that sell to small businesses? Not so much, he told CRM Buyer. Enter Bizness Apps, which has launched Bizness CRM, a Web-based app, as well as native iPhone app, that is aimed precisely at this constituency.

“We are focusing on companies that, for example, design restaurant interiors or someone who does marketing for a law firm,” he said.

These companies, even more so than their small business customers, have a need for simplicity and ease of use in a CRM system, Gazdecki said.

“We have stripped away all of the features a typical CRM app has that a company does not need in order to focus on just a few areas,” he explained.

Lead Generation Tool

Chief among these areas is lead generation — the starting point for the types of companies Bizness CRM is targeting.

The lead generator is a robust feature that allows the user to find targeted SMB leads, Gazdecki explained. It works by pulling in leads from Google Places, Yelp and other sources.

A user can search by category or by location, for starters. There are other filters too, such as by Web page or by Yelp reviews or by Twitter page. These filters also work in reverse as in — “does not have website,” “does not have Facebook page,” and so on.

“There are millions of SMBs out there, and qualifying those leads is extremely important,” noted Gazdecki. It helps users differentiate a business that is likely to purchase a certain product or service from those that aren’t.

The Sales Pipeline

Another major component to the application is the sales pipeline. Here too, the application’s focus is on simplicity, Gazdecki said.

“Even applications aimed at small businesses, such as, have an enterprise bent to them and may be too much for a very small company,” he pointed out. “We break the sales pipeline down into five steps: contact, interest, preview, closing, and winning the sale.”

The application then tracks the progress of the sale through the pipeline, Gazdecki explained. The interface is very user-friendly, with people navigating the deal’s progress via boxes that are clicked.

“The whole idea is simplifying the sales strategy and approach, and making it less overwhelming,” he said. “It also keeps users focused by providing these basic milestones.”

Another tool helps the user keep track of appointments via a “beautiful” calendar view, Gazdecki said. There are also basic metrics for users to track their progress within each of the tools.

Erika Morphy has been writing about technology, finance and business issues for more than 20 years. She lives in Silver Spring, Md.

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