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DemandResults' New SEO for Salesforce Shapes Up Pages With Beefier Analytics

By Erika Morphy
May 27, 2011 5:00 AM PT

DemandResults is getting set to release version 2.0 of its SEO for app. This iteration builds on the premise of the first app, founder and CEO Howard Brown said, which was essentially a basic insertion of Google Analytics into the platform.

DemandResults' New SEO for Salesforce Shapes Up Pages With Beefier Analytics

SEO Salesforce
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In this upcoming version, set to be released within the next six to eight weeks, DemandResults has preconfigured many of the settings for marketers, added auditing functionality and incorporated Chatter into the mix as well.

First to Look at SEO

Even without the upcoming enhancements, SEO for broke ground for online marketers that use as a back end. offers an integration for Google AdWords, Brown told CRM Buyer, but there is nothing comparable for search engine optimization techniques.

"Pay per click, yes, you can measure that, but there was no effective way to measure an SEO effort." Once he realized that, "it became a goal of mine to develop something that could completely track and measure anything related to search in"

His first stab at this let marketers track key word traffic for a particular website and append that traffic to an invisible field in Webform.

Better Capabilities, Auditing

In the upcoming version, SEO for Salesforce has better capabilities for analyzing sites and site pages, identifying those keywords that generate the most revenue and providing suggestions on which pages should be optimized for improvement.

"We built an algorithm that spiders a site looking at all the ways the site is being viewed," Brown explained. "Based on what it found, it might say, 'you have X number of pages on this site that are primed for optimization.'

"It then looks at the Google AdWords account and sees key words currently generating revenue. It computes, based on that data and its previous analysis, which keywords should be optimized and on which Web pages they should be placed."

The app then tracks those improvements in terms of revenue, opportunities, leads and keyword rankings via full-color dashboards, he said.

Automated Capabilities

Version 2.0 also offers automated capabilities out of the box. In the first app, much of this had to be configured.

For example, the process by which pages are identified for optimization -- the Web page audit or site audit -- begins with an audit wizard automatically pulling data from Google Analytics, Facebook, Google AdWords and Bing. It then makes recommendations for improvement.

The new version also takes advantage of's Chatter product, sending reminders via the system when tasks are nearing a due date.

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salesforce commerce cloud
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