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OnTheGo for Sage SalesLogix Starts Out on Training Wheels

By Erika Morphy
Sep 13, 2010 5:00 AM PT

OnTheGo Activity
OnTheGo for Sage SalesLogix Account Activity Detail

OnTheGo for Sage SalesLogix Starts Out on Training Wheels

Sage SalesLogix's OnTheGo is the first iteration of a new CRM application it developed with business partner Net@Work using a new cloud-based mobile platform.

It is a new mobile paradigm for the company, said Dave Wallace, Sage SalesLogix director of product management.

"The point is that the data is not sitting on the device," he told CRM Buyer. "It allows the application to dig through large amounts of data, find what the user is looking for, and return it in an acceptable response time."

Read-Only for Now

OnTheGo is currently available for the iPhone and for Android devices; a BlackBerry version is expected in the next few months. For now, the mobile application is limited to read-only functions in a few select areas.

The company launched it on that basis, explained Danny Estrada, CRM practice director with Net@Work, because it wanted to make sure user input from the first version would be incorporated into subsequent releases.

There is a feedback portal in the app that allows users to submit suggestions for future releases while they are using it.

In this version, users can basically access information from the Sage SalesLogix 7.52 CRM database and the SalesLogix Cloud Edition -- but not transact much with either. However, accessing data is the feature customers use the most in the mobile environment, according to Estrada.

With this first version, a user can research demographic information about customers, source customer contacts, view interactions or historical information regarding customers, and view pending interactions, Estrada told CRM Buyer.

"In the next release, which is scheduled in a few months, users will be able to access customer service as well as the opportunity manager in a read-only format."

Later releases will add read write functionality, he said, allowing users to complete activities, add new notes, create new opportunities, assign specific sales processes, and create new service tickets.

Tight Security

Net@Work began with the premise that customers wanted tight security for their data -- but as little hassle as possible accessing it from a mobile device, Estrada said. The new protocol Sage developed with its cloud platform accomplishes this because only the application is stored on the device -- no data.

OnTheGo Notes
OnTheGo for Sage SalesLogix Account Notes

"Once the SalesLogix portal has been enabled, users can download the application and input their credentials, giving them access to whatever data they are authorized [to view]."

It is less complex for the user, he said, and requires little IT overhead.

There is strong demand for this functionality in the healthcare, financial services and media/advertising sectors, said Estrada, noting that for these industries, being limited to the read-only mode is not a major hindrance.

Small businesses also have expressed interest in the platform, he said.

"Now that we have the ability to deliver this functionality, we will build on that so users can transact with that data," Estrada added.

When it is fully built out, OnTheGo for Sage SalesLogix will come in three versions: OnTheGo, OnTheGo Plus and OnTheGo Platinum.

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