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CRM Buyer Site Map

Refer to this handy guide to locate the section of your choice, and then drill down through layers of related content to quickly and easily access the information that is most relevant to your current interests or needs.


Keep a finger on the pulse of the enterprise software market. Learn about corporate wheeling and dealing, boardroom dramas, executive shakeups, legal tussles and more.

  • Deals: Get the latest news on mergers, partnerships and takeovers involving players in the enterprise software arena.
  • Trends: Be among the first to know about industry tremors that could lead to major shifts in the enterprise software landscape.
  • Vendors: Get a bird's eye view of the inner workings and market maneuvers of enterprise software companies.


Tune in for the hottest news about the fast-moving customer relationship management sector, including comprehensive, in-depth information on the tools and tactics organizations use to develop -- and benefit from -- strong interactions with their clientele.

  • Products: Get the scoop on new software and services designed to make it easier for companies to acquire, satisfy and retain customers.
  • Strategy: Read up on the myriad ways companies are maneuvering to grow their customer bases and CRM players are jostling for market share.


Find out about the latest software tools, marketing tactics and corporate policies designed to serve customers, retain their business, protect their information and reward their loyalty.

  • Call Centers: Monitor new developments affecting the main point of contact between companies and their customers -- from management issues to the physical infrastructure and software applications designed to keep them operating smoothly.
  • Consumer Protection: Sharpen your awareness of the constant barrage of threats affecting consumers, as well as the private and public initiatives designed to counter them.
  • Customer Data: Keep abreast of the latest tools and strategies for managing, leveraging and protecting customer information.
  • Customer Experience: Gain fresh insights on the strategies businesses use to make shopping enjoyable, building customer confidence and trust in their brands.
  • Customer Service: Find out what companies are doing right -- and sometimes dismally wrong -- in executing the most important of business functions.

Enterprise Apps

Read about the latest software applications and services that keep large companies, institutions and agencies running efficiently.

  • Analytics: Learn about applications designed to automate information analysis to aid business development and decision making.
  • Marketing: Read about the technology solutions available to power advanced marketing campaigns.
  • Sales: Keep track of the products and services designed to support sales professionals from acquiring a lead to closing a deal.

Mobile CRM

Keep up-to-date with how road warriors are using mobile tech for real-time interactions with prospects and customers, as well as their home base.

Social CRM

Gain insights on how social networking tools have transformed CRM, along with tips on how to use them to best effect.

  • Practices: Learn about the social CRM principles that guide success in this rapidly developing arena.
  • Tools: Read about the social CRM solutions available to power exceptional customer care.

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