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5 Ways to Optimize B2B Customer Experiences

You just started your Software as a Service company. With hard work and dedication, you've created a solid product that solves the challenges your business-to-business customers face on a daily basis. With any new product, questions arise on how to get the most from it. Your customers want the best experience possible, and they turn to you to deliver that experience...


3 Ways to Build Positive Relationships with B2B Customers

For most businesses, meeting target sales goals and key revenue metrics are top priorities. While executive teams understand that building positive relationships with customers is important, it isn't the easiest metric to quantify. For this reason, many companies end up ignoring the work it takes to build relationships with customers and begin to focus on other, more easily-tracked metrics like deals closed and upsells...

IBM’s Watson Enlisted for B2B Sentiment Analysis

The company also plans to use data from IBM Watson to expand other areas of its service, noted TeamSupport CEO Robert Johnson Customer Support Table Stakes...

Multinational Effort Halts Malware Avalanche

"People across the globe, including residents and companies here in western Pennsylvania, have been victimized by Avalanche and the malware distributed using its intricate infrastructure," said Robert Johnson, special agent in charge of the FBI in Pittsburgh. At least three c...


Customer Support in the Digital Age: Collaborative, Personal

Apple made a bold move on the customer support front this summer: The company started publishing customer support videos for its Beats by Dre headphones via the product line's Twitter account. ...

Market Jitters Hint at Social Hacks’ High Threat Level

"I know I use Web mail quite a bit, and it frustrates me that there's no indication of how many login attempts have failed on my account since the last time I logged in," Robert Johnson, CEO and founder of TeamSupport, told the E-Commerce Times. "Someone could be attempting to hack my account right now, and I would have no idea."


Keeping Your Megasite Ticking: Q&A With Facebook Engineer Robert Johnson

Reliability is important to Facebook, and at the same time, it's been one of the site's biggest challenges as it scales, Robert Johnson, director of engineering at Facebook, said recently during a presentation at LISA 2010, a Usenix conference held in San Jose, Calif Over the ...

Panel Claims CATV Bill Will Save Consumers Billions

"Twenty-two million dollars a day," declared panel member Robert Johnson, president of Consumers for Cable Choice "That is how much consumers lose each day there is not a competitive cable market. Consumers are demanding a solution, and they want it now."

Tom Siebel Steps Down as CEO

Gartner analyst Robert Johnson said the appointment reflects the interdependency between IBM and Siebel, which both have seen major growth in vertical industry segments as a result of their partnership. Johnson told CRM Buyer that Siebel might benefit from taking a larger vie...

IBM Boosts Middleware Portfolio with Trigo Buy

Gartner analyst Robert Johnson told the E-Commerce Times that firms like Trigo will allow IBM to do in-house customization of software for specific industry groups, something it has made a priority "IBM has a platform that works well in certain kinds of industries, but some co...

IBM Targets Vertical Markets with Software Reorganization Plan

"Smaller companies are looking for specialized solutions; they can't afford to hire IBM or a third party to customize for them and don't have the expertise to do it in-house," Gartner analyst Robert Johnson told the E-Commerce Times. "There may be trickle-down benefits as IBM starts to put together these packages."

Ariba Q3 Results Stun the Street

"It was just a knockout quarter," Robert Johnson, an analyst at ABN Amro, told the E-Commerce Times. ... Unveils African-American Homebuyer Service

"We believe this significant initiative will influence African-Americans' likelihood of applying for a mortgage online and should therefore positively impact home ownership rates among this community," said Robert Johnson, chairman and CEO of and founder of Black Entertainment Television.

BET Expands TV Empire to the Web

Leveraging 20 years of success in the cable television business and powerful contacts in the TV and computing industries, BET Holdings is taking its Black Entertainment Television brand to the Web with BET Chairman Robert Johnson lined up Microsoft Corp., Liberty Digital L.L.C., News Corp. and USA Networks Inc. to fund the joint venture with $35 million (US$) in start-up money. The partners also agreed to provide millions of dollars in kind support to market the new Web site...

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