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Is the Internet Falling Apart?

How secure and dependable is the Internet? The Great Twitter Outage of 2009, which shocked the microblogging community and amused many other observers, called into question the reliability of Web-based communications and transaction capabilities that are easy to take for granted. ...


New Recession-Era Twist in Cyber-Crime: Preying on Fear

Everyone knows cyber-crime is a cat and mouse game, usually involving a bit of social engineering to trick unsuspecting computer users into clicking a link, installing some software or providing valuable information. The latest trick in crooks' bags: "recession malware." This is a new generation of malware that exploits consumers' financial woes and other recession-era problems. It's trapping consumers and businesses alike...

Is Really Simple Syndication Really Secure?

That oversight can punch a gaping hole in the security barriers. One of the biggest problems for users of RSS reader software, according to Ray Dickenson, senior vice president of data-security firm Authentium, is exposure of their data from cross-site linking "RSS is the larg...

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