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Texas Clears Up Server-Nexus E-Commerce Sales Tax Issue

Both Houses of the Texas legislature have passed a bill that legislatively repeals a controversial regulation that has caused a great deal of concern to e-commerce vendors and to Web hosting companies. ...


E-Commerce Information Reporting Law on Track to Oblivion

On Jan. 26, a federal judge in Denver granted a preliminary injunction to prevent Colorado from enforcing an information-reporting law that requires e-tailers to report sales made to Colorado residents. ...


Colorado’s New Rules Cut Etailers a Little Slack

The Colorado Department of Revenue has relaxed a first-in-the-nation information reporting requirement for sales by Internet vendors to customers in Colorado ...


Got a Server in Texas? Beware of New Sales Tax Rules

The Texas Comptroller's Office recently made revisions to its sales tax rules that could ensnare many companies that merely use computer servers ("servers") located in Texas, requiring them to collect the state's sales tax on sales to customers there. ...


E-Tailers Should Act Fast to Comply With Colorado’s New Tax Law

Legislation signed into law on February 24 will have a profound effect on e-commerce and catalog companies that sell to customers in Colorado. ...


The Front Line of the E-Commerce Tax Battle: Update

Last month, the E-Commerce Times published a two-part series on the tax controversies being fought around the U.S. by online travel companies (OTCs) such as Expedia,, Orbitz, Pricelineand Travelocity. ...

The Front Line of the E-Commerce Tax Battle, Part 2

Part 1 of this two-part series describes the e-commerce tax landscape and delves into the reasons all players are not equal ...


The Front Line of the E-Commerce Tax Battle, Part 1

On the front line of the e-commerce tax are online travel companies, or OTCs, such as Expedia,, PricelineTravelocity and Orbitz. The issue is whether the OTCs should be collecting hotel room occupancy taxes on the difference in the price between what the OTC pays the hotel operator and the amount that customer pays to the OTC. For example, assume that an OTC in a jurisdiction with a 10 percent hotel room tax pays a hotel US$100 for a room night and then charges its customer $150. The OTC pays $10 in room taxes -- but must the OTC collect a 10 percent room tax on the $50 markup? Increasingly, local tax authorities are saying that the additional tax must be paid.

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