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Harnessing Big Data Through Customer Intelligence

Driving revenue performance and applying data in order to influence/generate buying behavior throughout the customer life cycle is not new -- it's an ongoing goal. Real-time marketing, which relies on capturing data in real time, improves revenue performance and is the optimal way to drive 1:1 customer interaction throughout the customer life cycle. However, real-time is highly complex and costly, and its transactional nature is not directly applicable to many industries, products and services. As a result, it remains an elusive goal...


Turning Customer Intelligence Into Gold

Marketers are increasingly embracing the need for customer intelligence to provide them with actionable insight to optimize revenue. But how do you get started? Treating what you have today as actionable insight enables marketers to think about using their existing data as customer intelligence, learn from it, and then incrementally improve upon it over time. ...


Predictive Analytics Digs Deeper Into CRM

"With this offering, we're able to extend the Eloqua automation marketing environment so customers can have much more sophisticated data to do segmentation and profiling," Joe Cordo, chief marketing officer, told CRM Buyer. "It's a cost-effective way to integrate hundreds of different sources -- internal or external, on or offline -- and apply customer intelligence to drive marketing campaigns at different stages of a customer buying cycle."

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