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Google Barge Mystery Solved – Nothing to See Here

Finally the barge mystery has been solved -- but the answer for some is a bit deflating ...

Actions Speak Louder Than Surveys

Have you ever answered one of those "how was our service?" questionnaires to let somebody know you weren't happy with the experience you'd had, and then never heard anything back from the business that asked? Or maybe this holiday season your boss asked where the staff wanted to go for the office party, only to have him pick his favorite spot regardless. If you've had one of these experiences, or one similar, then you know what it feels like to be asked your opinion and have it ignored. When it comes to Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) this is a cardinal sin...

Enterprise Feedback Management: Getting Inside Your Customers’ Heads

In today's challenging economy and ultra-competitive marketplace, businesses simply can't afford customer churn; retention, engagement and overall experience are more important than ever. That's why business leaders are increasingly adopting and integrating the latest customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise feedback management (EFM) applications to achieve a more thorough understanding of their customer base. While CRM tells the business executive "what" customers have done, EFM uncovers "why" customers act a certain way.

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