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Xactly: Putting Method in the Madness of Sales Force Compensation

"One of the things that Xactly is doing differentially -- and that I believe is one of the reasons behind its success -- is its focus on integration with other CRM applications," Gretchen Duhaime, senior research analyst specializing in sales automation at Aberdeen Group, told CRM Buyer...


Giving Sales and Marketing a Single View of the Customer

The pressure to increase top-line revenue growth is uniting sales and marketing executives to focus resources on aligning their two groups. In October, Aberdeen Group surveyed over 250 companies to identify the strategies, capabilities and enablers that Best in Class (BIC) companies are using to improve sales and marketing alignment ...


Driving Sales With Compensation Management

Incentive compensation is often the first place where management makes adjustments in efforts to improve sales productivity. Many organizations have departed from the straight commission model in favor of plans that prompt the sales force to target high-profit deals ...

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