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Riding the 5th Wave to Escape the Dead Hand of IT

Dealing with naturally risk-averse and conservative IT policies becomes increasingly less desirable to consumers when compared to the types of enablement available to the adventurous as technology rapidly evolves. ...


The Essence of Cloud

The industry roils with definitions and explanations of cloud. These definitions come from product vendors cloud-washing their products, cloud providers positioning their cloud infrastructure, IT teams attempting to cloud-paint their efforts in virtualization, and even from consultants writing articles like this ...


Yes, You Really CAN Compete With the Public Cloud Provider

The prudent CIO sees the need for a quantum level improvement in the way IT delivers services and resources. To survive, IT must rapidly regain competitive strength by emulating the key strengths of external cloud suppliers. The internal IT delivery model has to change from a bureaucratic process that can take days or weeks, to one that supports self-service and makes resources immediately available.


Cloud Thunder: The Biggest Bang for the Buck, Part 2

Cloud Thunder: The Biggest Bang for the Buck, Part 1 ...


Cloud Thunder: The Biggest Bang for the Buck, Part 1

Cloud deployment and delivery architecture offers many opportunities to reduce costs and improve service levels -- sometimes too many for the beleaguered IT team. So how can your IT team identify what cloud components might be considered early opportunities for your infrastructure? ...


Calculating Cloud ROI, Part 2

Continued from Calculating Cloud ROI, Part 1 ...


Calculating Cloud ROI, Part 1

As IT attempts to separate hype from reality, finding the real ROI in cloud adoption can prove elusive. Nonetheless, a demonstrable ROI must be developed as the basis and justification of a cloud transition plan. ...

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