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Employee Loyalty: What Makes Them Stay?

In call centers across America, companies measure employee attrition. They often seek to understand why employees are leaving. However, they probably should be measuring why employees are staying. Instead of studying the dissatisfaction, it might be better to look at the problem from a new direction -- to study what makes them happy -- what makes them loyal...

Ideas at Work — The Need for a Comprehensive Call Center

During the past several years, the call center industry has grown more than 14 percent. In the United States alone, there are more than 2.7 million call center agents making up 3 percent of the total workforce. With this explosion, customers are demanding a higher level of personal service, an increased number of contact channels and immediate answers to unresolved situations. Companies are finally responding and placing a greater emphasis on call centers as a cost effective and productive vehicle to service global customers...


The Root of All Great Service

"Employee satisfaction is synonymous with customer satisfaction," Bob Furniss, president of Call Center Ideas, told CRM Buyer. "Unhappy employees generally equate to a less-than-stellar customer experience." ...

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