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Compensating SaaS Sales: Turning Hunters Into Farmers

Software as a Service was designed to be a more convenient way for businesses to implement enterprise applications. However, on the vendor side, the new distribution approach complicates matters in the sales department ...


Banging on the Boardroom Door: Let Customer Service In!

Was it the "Year of the Frustrated Customer?" Here are a few highlights: Airline passenger complaints to the U.S. Department of Transportation were up 70 percent, as last summer saw the worst delays in 13 years of record-keeping; Verizon was ordered to pay $1 million to customers the company terminated for "excessive use" on a plan that was advertised as "unlimited"; and the state of Minnesota is body slamming Sprint with a lawsuit on behalf of hundreds of its residents who claimed the carrier extended its contracts without their informed consent...


Motorola Ops Director Chip Yager: Mesh Networks on the Move

Look closely next time you stop at a traffic light -- it could contain an access point for a wireless mesh network ...

Mesh Networks: The Future of Police Patrolling

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has come a long way from relying on walkie talkies to hear descriptions of suspects on the run -- now they can watch video of crimes in progress in real time ...

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