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Will the Real Siebel Please Stand Up?

Trying to make the disjointed pieces of Siebel's product strategy fit together is comparable to deconstructing a kaleidoscope and trying to create a mosaic from the pieces of randomly shaped colored glass. You'll get a colorful picture that's more abstract art than realism. ...

Cisco Buys Riverhead for $39 Million in Cash

"Cisco is recognizing ... that fighting DDoS is such a prevalent need in their customer installed base and permeating their own distribution channel. They are all about customer satisfaction first," according to Louis Columbus, a senior analyst at AMR Research Columbus said in...

SAP Plans To Boost Analytics Power

The value of this feature could be used across a company. AMR senior analyst Louis Columbus told CRM Buyer that such an enhancement is beneficial because each company has different needs and requires information specific to its customers "A company that manufactures aircraft i...

SAP, Sun Unveil NetWeaver 2004

AMR Research senior analyst Louis Columbus told CRM Buyer that there are many pilots and strategic moves taking place in the market, so customers are becoming more selective. Any play that elevates one offering above another is worth watching in such an active marketplace. In this case, the services and solutions touted by Sun could make the difference in getting NetWeaver more attention...

Acquisition Spurs Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Gain for PeopleSoft

"The real news with PeopleSoft is continued discussion of their acquisition of J.D. Edwards," agreed Louis Columbus, a senior analyst at AMR Research, in an interview with the E-Commerce Times. "It has galvanized their customer base into a new level of customer loyalty, and you can't discount that."


May the sforce Be with You

"Hosted applications have been the Rodney Dangerfields of integration in the enterprise; they never get any respect," AMR Research senior analyst Louis Columbus said in an interview with CRM Buyer. However, he said, "sforce is going to show how a service-oriented architecture can work in a hosted delivery model. The bottom line? Depth of application matters more than delivery method."

IBM Enters the World of Rugged Computing

"Military standards for ruggedization have always been an attractive market for manufacturers," AMR Research analyst Louis Columbus told TechNewsWorld ...


Amdocs PRM Combines CRM, Finance

Indeed, organizations need PRM applications that provide strong analytics as well as financial and operational capabilities, AMR Research senior analyst Louis Columbus told CRM Buyer. Amdocs is well positioned on this front, particularly in the telecom sector, he said While PR...


Rugged Computing: The Consumer Trajectory

"Military standards for ruggedization have always been an attractive market for manufacturers," AMR Research analyst Louis Columbus told TechNewsWorld. "The fact that combat efforts are now more coordinated than ever before electronically is invigorating the need for ruggedized electronics equipment."


RIM’s World-Capable Color BlackBerry 7230 Arrives

"I think it's perfect for the traveling CMO, marketing VP [or] CEO that isinvolved closely with any branding, marketing or sales strategies wherequick approval cycles are critical," AMR Research analyst Louis Columbus told TechNewsWorld. "The BlackBerry has established itself as a very necessary part of the global productivity landscape."


Charting a Course Toward Marketing Automation

Marketing automation's analytical aspects are both attractive and overdue, as financial accountability and marketing performance have become more significant issues for corporations, said Louis Columbus, a senior analyst at AMR Research "The industry is just starting to embrac...

PRODUCT PROFILE Launches CD-Based, Internet-Ready PC

"The WebStation is entirely consistent with the Linux approach of driving for a very low cost of ownership," Louis Columbus, senior research analyst at AMR Research, told TechNewsWorld. "This type of device can only serve to drive up the market share on the desktop, clearly the toughest of areas to gain leadership."


Onyx CRMExpress Eases Entry into CRM World

The Onyx application compares favorably with those sold by competitors because it includes implementation and integration services as part of the standard cost, added Louis Columbus, a senior analyst with AMR Research. "More and more, CRM vendors are bundling in services. Onyx understands what it takes to compete in today's market," he told CRM Buyer.

Poll: CRM Market Rebounding

Louis Columbus, a senior analyst with AMR Research, told CRM Buyer that although his firm also believes the growth rate in the CRM space will increase steadily, he is not convinced that CRM specialist providers will be the beneficiaries of this new incremental mindset Accordin...


MySAP CRM 4.0: SAP’s Run for the Top

"SAP is walking the walk about making CRM products about business processes, and they've put their money where their mouth is for a product that will give them global leadership," said Louis Columbus, AMR Research senior analyst The company has a chance of becoming No. 1 this ...


Best Budget Strategies for CRM Buyers

AMR Research senior analyst Louis Columbus told CRM Buyer that collaborating more closely with vendors during the budget process not only can prevent a company from overspending on something it does not need, but also potentially can streamline the CRM software itself "More co...


J.D. Edwards Set To Roll Out SC Business Modeler

"You need a consistent, accurate vision of what is happening at the different distributors and other trading partners," AMR Research senior analyst Louis Columbus told CRM Buyer. ...


Best Software Takes Its ACT! Online

"Using the ASP (application service provider) model makes sense for ACT!," Louis Columbus, senior research analyst with AMR Research, told CRM Buyer Magazine. "Small and medium-sized businesses want to be able to use their client resources and databases whether any member of the sales force is connected or not." ...


NetLedger Adds PRM to Product Mix

Ability to protect confidential information using multiple permission levels and flexible customization. This version of NetLedger's PRM module adds the abilities to track leads sent to partners and to provide forecasting and opportunity management for partners, president Zach Nelson told CRM Buyer."It was a big architectural change for us to expose that level of functionality in an ASP (application service provider) model," he said. Integrated Back and Front Office Thus far, NetLedger's claim to fame has been its push into the online integrated front- and back-end space. In other words, it offers a combined accounting and CRM application. Other vendors, notably, have announced plans to offer similar capabilities. The billing app, which a number of existing customers have already seen, will include collections management and order processing. However, NetLedger brings the front- and back-office integrated suite to the table right now, Yankee Group analyst Sheryl Kingstone pointed out. "Going forward, you can expect to see that some 60 percent of new CRM deals will be back-office driven," she told CRM Buyer. Online PRM Moving into the PRM space is new territory for NetLedger, though. PRM has been garnering interest of late -- due in large part to Siebel's ever-expanding PRM module. Best-of-breed vendors, while at the same time grappling with Siebel for market share, at the very least get to ride its coattails as far as market education goes. But very few vendors target the small and mid-size business PRM space. "NetLedger deserves credit for selecting the most relevant features to include in a PRM module, on the one hand, and keeping its footprint thin enough so that their targeted customers -- small and medium businesses -- can work with it," AMR Research senior analyst Louis Columbus told CRM Buyer. In particular, he cited the company's ability to handle e-mailed and faxed orders. "NetLedger has also created an approach in their PRM application to track leads and sales by partner code, define different pricing levels by code, and create a secured partner portal for handling periodic communications to the field," he continued. "For the intended market segment, the software is well designed with just the features this market needs." ...


Siebel’s Partner Relationship Management

"Bringing together partner management, partner portal and partner analytics is exactly what the market needs," AMR senior research analyst Louis Columbus told CRM Buyer. This could well be the case. Enterprise resource planning vendors are eyeing the PRM market as fertile gro...

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