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Why Lindows Is Not a Winning Name

On this small planet, there is room for only one Yahoo, one Google and one Apple.After all, Yahoo takeoff YOOHOO failed, and online search engine Booble is nowfacing a court battle with Google ...


Saving Your Web Site from the Search Abyss

There are three locations on a Web search page: top, middle and down. A search engine report sometimes fits a single screen and at other times is a long list -- about 100 feet long! -- stretching over multiple pages, with each page featuring a manageable number of listings ...


Corporate Names and the Problem of Googlization

Ever heard, "Did you google today?" or, "Go try googling, and you will find it?" Watch out for this sort of lingo. To most people it may sound like free advertising for Google, but in reality it could be a nightmare for the corporation. When a company's name brand lends itself to "verbing" -- such as xeroxing, fedexing or rollerblading -- a code-red alert strikes the boardroom. Legal SWAT teams swing into action to protect their successful global brand, and an aggressive policing of corporate name usage kicks in.

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