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Linux’s Big Bang: One Kernel, Countless Distros

Even if you're a newcomer to Linux, you've probably figured out that it is not a single, monolithic operating system, but a constellation of projects. The different "stars" in this constellation take the form of "distributions," or "distros." Each offers its own take on the Linux model. ...


A Window Into the Linux Desktop

"What can it do that Windows can't?" ...


Take Command of Your Linux System’s Processes

Who's afraid of the Linux terminal? Not you, if you've gotten your feet wet and learned the basics of navigating your system. But how will these newly acquired skills help improve your computing life? ...


Cracking the Shell

If you've begun to tinker with your desktop Linux terminal, you may be ready to take a deeper dive. ...


The Terminal Is Where Linux Begins – and Where You Should, Too

Editor's Note - March 13, 2017: The original published version of this article did not include code snippet examples. Author Jonathan Terrasi added them in response to reader durandaltheta's helpful suggestion. ...


What a Linux Desktop Does Better

After I resolved to adopt Linux, my confidence grew slowly but surely. Security-oriented considerations were compelling enough to convince me to switch, but I soon discovered many more advantages to the Linux desktop. ...


How Linux Helped Me Become an Empowered Computer User

If you were to ask any of my friends, they could readily attest to my profound passion for Linux. That said, it might surprise you to know that hardly two years ago, I barely knew what Linux was, let alone had any earnest interest in switching to it from Windows. ...

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