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Linux, Open Source Still ‘Money’ in Financial Services

Linux and open source software are spreading out -- cloud computing, mobile computing, supercomputing -- and an increasing number of use cases large and small. One area where Linux and open source have history and continue to remain strong is banking and financial services, highlighted by the latest open source messaging technology in the space: the new OpenMAMA middleware messaging project and the AMQP messaging standard, recently released in version 1.0.

Ubuntu Linux to Hit Tablets, Phones, TVs in the Nick of Time?

While it faces large, entrenched competitors in Apple, Android and Windows, Ubuntu "does benefit from popularity among developers and in cloud computing," Jay Lyman, a senior analyst with the 451 Group, told LinuxInsider "Ubuntu may benefit in these new areas based on connec...

How Linuxy Is Android?

"The fact that we're talking about the fragmentation of Android means that we are recognizing its success, given how quickly and how far it has spread. The bottom line is that fragmentation is certainly a challenge. But with so many different case uses, the fragmentation is necessary. It's what the market kind of needs right now," Jay Lyman, senior analyst for enterprise software at The 451 Group, told LinuxInsider.


Tizen Could Be a Giant Step Back for Mobile Linux

Amid continued traction for Android, there have been a number of other developments for mobile operating systems based on Linux. Given my support for and belief in Linux and open source software, you might expect me to be bullish on the prospects for all of this mobile and device Linux. However, based on what I've seen in the past in terms of mergers, reshuffles and strategic restarts, I believe the introduction of the Tizen Linux-based OS is reminiscent of a time when mobile Linux wasn't really moving ahead...


Heeding the Lessons of SCO, or Not

We recently saw what is being described as the ending of the seven-year-old SCO contract and intellectual property dispute that dragged Linux through the mud before it propelled the open source OS into much broader enterprise use and credibility. ...


Commercial Gains Mean Growing Pains for Open Source Community

Recent conversations at OSCON, which I've attended since 2004, as well as observations through talks with vendors, users and developers in open source all indicate a common theme: With commercial successes for open source software come some community growing pains. ...

Google’s Java Jam

"The allegations by Oracle against Google boil down to improper and unauthorized use of Java, which although open-sourced under the GPLv2 by Sun Microsystems before Oracle took ownership of it, nonetheless invokes restrictions and licensing requirements on variations, such as partial subsets or just parts of the full, standard Java implementation," Jay Lyman, analyst with the 451 Group, told LinuxInsider...


What the World’s Fastest Systems Say About Linux

I've been tracking the Top500 Supercomputer List with a particular eye on Linux for some time now, highlighting how Linux continues to power the majority of the world's fastest supercomputing systems ...

GNOME 3 vs. Unity: A Schism in the Making?

Much of the technical differences between GNOME and Unity center on their designated use, noted Jay Lyman, senior analyst for enterprise software at the 451 Group. For example, GNOME is more comprehensive in the applications and functions it presents to the user. Unity is lighter weight and more focused on a forward path to touchscreen use.


Hypervisor Fight Is Good for Customers, Good for FOSS

There have been many changes in the market and technology since Citrix acquired XenSource and a major stewardship stake in the Xen open source hypervisor four years ago. ...


Big Changes Afoot in the Linux Market

Having covered Linux in the enterprise and business arenas for more than 10 years, I've seen some dramatic changes in the way the open source operating system is developed and used. However, never has there been as much change in the Linux landscape and market as right now, given the impact of cloud computing, devops (the confluence of application development and deployment), and open source software's maturity. The options for users and customers, as well as the challenges and opportunities for vendors, are now very different.


Cloud Computing, Like Open Source, Is Not Just Puff

Given the amount of hype currently swirling about cloud computing, it brings to mind a legitimate question -- is this just hype? Is there really something to this cloud computing, or is it just another bubble that is sure to burst? The answer, quite simply, is no, there is not a cloud computing bubble or burst taking shape. Here's why ...


Open Source Finds a Friend in Big Government

"On the plus side, as the report points out, this analysis represents only the first year that U.S. agencies have been operating under directives to increase consideration of open source options, and still some agencies, such as the DoD and DoE, earn high marks," Jay Lyman, senior industry analyst at 451 Group, told the E-Commerce Times.

OpenERP Aims to Bring ERP to the SMB Masses

The streamlined interface and window views are good for OpenERP's main user base -- small and medium sized businesses, said Jay Lyman, senior analyst for enterprise software at the 451 Group. "They are also doing similar things with the menus for different users, based on the...

Open Source and the Federal Budget Squeeze, Part 2

"Governments remain eager to embrace open source software, and are no doubt already doing so in many cases, but there is still a great demand for more commercial backing," said Jay Lyman, an industry analyst with 451 Group, in a blog report on the GOSCON conference. "Potentia...


Is FOSS’ Openness a Security Weakness?

The topic of Ransbotham's study "centers on the longstanding debate of security through obscurity -- that is, code is proprietary and closed to public view -- versus theadvantage of many eyes on the code when it is open source and available for review," Jay Lyman, an analyst for open source with The 451 Group, told LinuxInsider...

Snuffing Out OpenSolaris Dims Oracle’s Light in FOSS Community

Indeed, "regardless of its motivations and objectives, Oracle certainly didn't time this very well, with its statements in support of Linux and open source at LinuxCon just days before now being called into question, the official end of OpenSolaris and of course, the Java lawsuit," Jay Lyman, open source analyst with the 451 Group, told LinuxInsider...

Rackspace’s Risky Open Cloud Bet

Indeed, "this is a big move for Rackspace, which is open sourcing significant parts of its own cloud computing infrastructure and technology," 451 Group analyst Jay Lyman pointed out. "It's also big for open source software, which is used fairly heavily among most cloud computing technology and service providers, but which does not typically get highlighted or mentioned that much."

Google’s Android App Inventor: Help or Hindrance?

App Inventor for Android "accentuates Google's more open approach to smartphone code and now to consumers, many of which I believe do indeed want to be creators of mobile software in addition to being consumers of it," 451 Group analyst Jay Lyman told LinuxInsider While there ...

Cisco Floats Business-Minded Android Tablet

"I think Cisco's use of Android for the Cius is indicative of Android's broad interest and use across smartphones, tablets and other devices, including those in the enterprise, where the Cius and Cisco are most likely to have an impact," 451 Group analyst Jay Lyman told LinuxInsider. "There will most certainly be enterprise iPad use, but I do think we will continue to see Android aimed at a range of more specific users and use cases."

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