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Customer-In, Not Seller-Out: 5 Realities of the Customer Journey

I was doing a little reading about the concept of the customer journey. I have distinct opinions about it, and I was looking for things that might challenge or validate those ideas when I stumbled across a blog post from a major CRM vendor that got my goat ...


The Business Power of Empathy

In our high-powered, win-at-all-costs business environment, the word "empathy" often evokes derision and scorn. Who has time to be a squishy, touchy-feely wimp overflowing with empathy? We're all busy closing deals and kicking butt! ...


Big Data Drives Change if You’re Ready to Be Driven

In an earlier chapter in my career, I had the seemingly lofty title of "software and intelligence editor" at Telephony magazine. That gave me a lot of insight into the telecommunications industry. Even back in 1996, telecom was experiencing a "big data" problem. It wasn't a problem of collection -- no, telephone companies collect more data than almost any other industry, recording call times and durations, as well as the numbers their customers dialed.


There’s a Science to Engaging With Empowered Consumers



The Easiest Path to CRM Failure

One of the pitches sales reps selling CRM make the mistake of dropping into conversations is that it's easy to use. "Users can practically train themselves, it's so intuitive! Just start clicking! And did we tell you -- we just introduced a new UI to improve the UX!" ...


Changing Sales Behaviors Through Creative Compensation

The idea of using incentives to drive business behaviors is not a new one. It happens in all areas of business, but it's most obvious in sales, where compensation is tied to performance ...


The Rhyme and Reason of Sales and Marketing Tech Adoption

Oh, the technology you'll be equipped with if you are in sales! CRM chock-full of prospect details! Lead management telling you who you should call, And marketing tossing leads over the wall! Even marketing's in on it too -- they're lead scoring and poring through data for you!They have their own software for scooping up leadsAnd campaigning campaigns to meet your lead needs!But none of this tech is useful at all If adoption rates are abysmally small...


The Top 20 CRM Blogs of 2014, Part 2

The Top 20 CRM Blogs of 2014, Part 1 ...


The Top 20 CRM Blogs of 2014, Part 1

The field of CRM bloggers is like the start of a marathon: There may be thousands of entrants, but there are only a few elite runners. Identifying them from the rest of the pack is not always easy -- especially as their enthusiasm for blogging waxes and wanes, or as they move into other formats, like becoming regular columnists in publications. However, there are a few things that identify the elite...


Surviving 4 Inescapably Unfair Aspects of CX Delivery

Ever built a house of cards? It's critical to start with a sound foundation to support your later efforts. No matter how sturdy your start is, however, a wrong move anywhere along the way can bring down the house and cause all your work to be for naught ...


Sales and Marketing Aren’t Aligned – but Their Problems Are

The numbers prove it: Sales and marketing just aren't playing well together in most organizations. A not-so-small industry has sprung up to attack the issue of sales/marketing alignment, but the problem is so deeply entrenched that it may never be fully eradicated ...


Mistake Mismanagement and 3 Model Lessons

I am a nerd with a goofy hobby -- I build plastic model airplanes. However, that hobby affords me a view of customer relationship issues in an interesting and intimate way. Most of the time, the vendors in this space get things right, realizing theirs is a niche industry and their customers really are in charge, especially since all spending in this sector is discretionary.


The Intangibles: 5 Things That Aren’t on the CRM Data Sheets

CRM has been around for a long time now -- more than 25 years. Amazingly, many businesses, including large businesses with revenue in excess of US$100 million, still operate without it. That's amazing, because to many business leaders, CRM has become table stakes when it comes to creating a software infrastructure ...


The Terrifying Numbers Behind a Whopping Marketing Failure

There are lots of scary things out there -- killer viruses, Earth-smashing meteors, the possibility of yet another Real Housewives show. But those are easy to dismiss and push to the farthest corner of the back of your mind. ...


5 Promises CRM Can’t Keep

Don't get me wrong -- I think very highly of CRM. I've been making a living writing about it for almost a decade, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who asks about it. Still, covering CRM is a little bit like writing an honest biography of a complex person. ...


A Customer Experience Secret Weapon

There aren't many areas in business where processes used to save money and maximize deal sizes also result in a better customer experience. The exact opposite is usually the case -- the drive to save money by making an internal process more productive or to increase the amount being sold to the customer usually impacts the customer experience for the worse.


CRM Selection: Getting Requirements to Reflect Reality

Perhaps the most important thing you can do before buying business software is to understand what you really want. Software is different from buying a car -- a physical thing you can inspect and whose operation you understand. It's different from buying a commodity, whose characteristics are already clear and there's little variation from purchase to purchase...


Salesforce’s Wave Is Only Half the Analytics Answer's major Dreamforce news was, as the company itself admitted, the worst-kept secret at the show. Marc Benioff, no less, spilled the beans about it during the summer; the crowd for his keynote was there largely to see it in action ...


Shooting for Sales? Give Marketing the Right Weapons

The old saw is that sales is a numbers game. That's kind of true -- but less so every passing year. In reality, it's becoming a productivity game: How can we make the sales people in our businesses as productive as possible? ...


5 Ways Data Denial Hurts Marketing and Sales

Even as other parts of business have reoriented around data, sales and marketing have been allowed to function as though they're black arts, with their practitioners going about their trades mysteriously, doing things for reasons only they know. Sometimes the result is a great quarter. Other times, not so much ...

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