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Open Source in the Land of Oz

Australia. Down under. Oz. For most of us, those words conjure up images of kangaroos and coral reefs, of red deserts and a landmark opera house ...

NASA, Information Technology and the Future of Collaboration

Is it an urban myth, or is it really true that NASA sent the first men to the moon with less computing power than what sits inside today's average desktop? The answer largely depends on how you define "computing power." But however you define it, today's typical PC packs more punch than a 1960s mainframe ...

Office Politics 2003, Microsoft Style

Microsoft has moved up the public prerelease date of the new edition of its office productivity suite to Monday, September 15, to let some of its business customers download its new Office desktop application bundle about two weeks sooner than originally planned. ...

Space for Rent: Trends in Colocation

Colocation. Co-location. Colo. Collocation from the Latin collocare. It's one of those words we can't make up our minds how to spell. But they all mean the same thing in IT terms: Colocation is the practice of housing servers -- usually Web or telecommunications servers -- in secure, well-connected facilities ...


Worlds in Transition: IT in Eastern Europe

Only 15 years ago, we watched in amazement while the rusty iron curtain collapsed and the formerly communist countries of Eastern Europe embarked on new lives in the global market. ...


Risking Innovation: DARPA in the Limelight

Established in 1958, the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency -- most commonly known as DARPA -- has played a pivotal role in support of innovative research, hosting some of the best as well as the strangest research projects, and garnering a reputation as a hugely influential center of intellectual excellence ...


Inside the Analog World of National Semiconductor

Digital this, digital that. What about analog? We are awash in a sea of zeroes and ones, and it's tempting to assume that analog electronics are set to become history. However, most digital devices still do require analog circuitry, so several companies have specialized in the design and manufacture of analog components. National Semiconductor, based in Santa Clara, California, is one of the major players.

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