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Forcing Defense Innovation Through Budget Constraints

With the recent bombings in Madrid and President Bush's warning that terrorists will "never be appeased because death is their banner," it might seem odd to argue for cutting the defense budget. That is, until one listens to John Arquilla, professor of defense information sciences at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey ...


Time To Clean Up the Nation’s Telecom Mess

Last week, a U.S. court invalidated key telecommunications regulations created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This is the third time the Commission's rules have been struck down, making it imperative that the Bush Administration act to fix the nation's telecommunications mess ...


The Answer to Stopping Spam Is in Your Wallet

Recently, Bill Gates claimed the problem of spam, the annoying unsolicited e-mail that congests the Internet, could be solved in the next two years. Some may scoff at this idea, but when one examines the marketplace, Gates' prediction may even seem conservative. That's because an old idea is finally getting some new attention ...

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