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The End of .Zip Compression as We Know It

Software constantly evolves, and change often sparks controversy. Such is the case with Zip, a popular file-compression technology that almost every computer user has run into at one time or another. One reason why the technology, developed back in 1986, has gained such widespread acceptance is that customers have been able to mix and match different vendors' Zip products without having to worry about file compatibility. Soon, however, that might change.


Postal Service Moves Toward Intelligent Mail

The U.S. Postal Service would like to add a new word to the mix of adjectives like "slow" and "inefficient" that have been used to describe it in the past. That new word is "intelligent," and it symbolizes the high-tech spark that is energizing this old-line government agency. ...

WiFi – To Free or Not To Free

Bill fires up his laptop in the hotel lobby and logs on to the corporate network through a wireless Ethernet link in search of an important e-mail. No luck. After attending a morning meeting with a potential customer, he visits the local coffee shop, where he once again taps into the network but does not find the message. A few hours later, in an airline terminal, he checks his messages and finds that he did indeed land a new account...


Challenges Remain for High-End Router Suppliers

New growth in scorched earth might be the best metaphor to describe the state of the high-end router market at present. A few years ago, when the Internet was booming, a bevy of startup suppliers rushed to build the top-of-the-line network devices called core routers. It was thought that products operating at gigabit speeds soon would be needed everywhere to shuttle the massive amounts of information pumped over the Net...


GPS Lost: Can the Satellite Technology Find Its Way?

You are walking past a coffee shop one morning, your mobile phone beeps, and up pops a coupon for a free croissant. You are driving on the highway when your computer screen displays a message telling you that an accident has occurred 10 miles up the road, so you take an alternate route ...


IBM’s Future Strategy: Grid Computing Everywhere

A sense of deja vu is sweeping through IBM's executive offices. Hardware, a category of computer technology that has been commoditized over the past several years because of falling prices, once again has become sexy -- so sexy, in fact, that it has become the linchpin in IBM's quest to maintain its position as one of the industry's most important vendors...

Whole Foods Plans Natural Food E-Commerce Site

Consumers looking for wheat bread with no preservatives or meat not beefed up with animal growth hormones will no longer have to drive to the nearest health food store. Whole Foods Market (Nasdaq: WFMI) plans to compliment its chain of 88 health stores in the U.S. with an online electronic commerce site by the Spring ...

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