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The Data Factor’s Critical Impact on Sales Results

Sales have traditionally been considered an art, science or a mix of both for most practitioners and businesses. Aside the different views on each end of the spectrum; the truth is that Sales is a data-driven function. Performance of each sales rep and organization can be monitored, measured and ass...


Wringing the Most Revenue and Productivity Out of Sales Intelligence

Selling teams continue searching for ways to reduce the amount of time sales representatives spend uncovering relevant company or contact information before following up with the leads introduced to them within the pipeline. In December 2009 and January 2010, Aberdeen surveyed more than 500 executiv...


Marketers, Let’s Get Personal

On Aug. 13, IBM and Unica Corporation announced they had entered into a definitive agreement for IBM to acquire Unica, a leading provider of marketing software solutions that focuses on streamlining marketing program development, execution and management to achieve improved marketing effectiveness.


Attracting Loyalty and Retention With Digital Signage

Digital signage is a combination of electronic display devices and content that delivers information, advertising and other messages to a broad or narrow target audience. The benefits of digital signage over traditional static signs are centered on two basic concepts: For one, digital signage conten...


Using Marketing Asset Management to Keep the Brand in Line

Marketing Asset Management is an emerging category of Digital Asset Management technology that has been developed exclusively for the marketing function. With a host of digital asset technology available, many generic DAM products lack workflow capabilities, dynamic collateral development, and the ...

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