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How This Holiday Season Will Be Different for Amazon Sellers in Every Category

The holiday season is big business for e-commerce, but this year will be very different across every platform. Brands should focus on profitability over sales volume, because even though Amazon will again see record sales, the game has changed more so than any previous year. Let's examine why the ke...


What an Amazon Breakup Would Look Like and Why It’s a Win for Brands

Amazon is on the brink of a possible breakup, and marketers should be ready to seize the opportunity. It's difficult to imagine life without Amazon -- as we know it. But with ongoing antitrust probes by Congress, there's a real possibility that Amazon's e-commerce dominance may soon end. Let's exam...


2021 Will Bring Big Changes to Amazon and Its Sellers

Today, more than 60 percent of consumers start their online shopping searches on Amazon. That trend is unlikely to change, as consumers have grown accustomed to the new normal of digital purchasing. As we look ahead into 2021 and beyond, here is what will take place in the Amazon e-commerce ecosyste...

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