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Rethinking Failsafes for Critical Linux Systems

The Linux operating system is highly compatible with two hot computing trends: virtualization and cloud computing. Just as the 2001-2002 recession helped usher in Linux as a mainstream solution, virtualization may accelerate Linux usage during and after the current recession. Linux already has a pow...


When It Comes to Server Migration, You Can Learn a Lot From a Twit

OK folks, Twitter may be a fad, but it is also a wealth of information into real people's problems, and I don't think it is going away anytime soon. In fact Google and Yahoo announced recently that they are going to begin crawling tweets, and they will appear in search queries. So yes, I am a fellow...

Tech Support: 5 Great Geek Gifts

As everyone is out and about doing their holiday shopping this year, have you thought about what to get the team that keeps your business running? Remember the IT management team that applies the service packs, handles your calls to help recover your deleted files and keeps your system up and runnin...


Steps Businesses Can Take Now to Gird for Hurricane Season

For professionals in the business continuity field, it is that time of year again: hurricane season. If you haven't started to exercise hurricane planning procedures, it isn't too late. I believe that it was The National Hurricane Center that stated that 2009 would be a moderate or "near-normal" yea...


Getting Back to Business After Disaster Strikes

Over the years, I have been involved with my share of data center recovery exercises -- everything from power outages to hurricanes to earthquakes to chemical explosions. Each time, no matter how well the business continuity plan is written, there is always something that is learned. Here are a few ...


The X2X Factor and the Future of Data Center Migration

Whether server, storage or virtual, migrations have never been easy. The difficulty has always been the downtime required to move physical or virtual workloads from one platform to another. Virtualization technology from VMware VMotion to Microsoft Hyper-V live migration has significantly helped be...

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