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What Is World-Class IT Support?

Aberdeen surveyed 240 users and managers of IT support to find out how organizations in this new world can ensure that workers are productive and customers enjoy their products. The 107 support managers who responded to Aberdeen's survey ranked the metrics they use to evaluate their IT support staff...


Big Wireless on Campus: Lowering the TCO of University Networks

Aberdeen's May 2009 report "Wireless LAN 2009: From Network of Convenience to Critical Infrastructure" described the progress that the Best-in-Class had made from transforming their WLAN from a casual network overlay to that of core IT infrastructure. It also reported that Best-in-Class organization...


Think, Then Measure: BI in the SMB

Suppliers and consumers have tightened their belts under current economic conditions, sending businesses scrambling for cost-cutting methods. Small and medium businesses have turned to business intelligence tools in response to these pressures. Aberdeen's July 2009 report, "BI for the SMB 2009: How ...


The Comedy – and Tragedy – of the Commons

Sensitive data in unstructured formats poses a distinct problem to security- and compliance-minded organizations, a problem exacerbated by the ubiquity of Web-based portals and collaborative tools such as Microsoft SharePoint. Based on the responses of more than 160 companies in the June 2009 benchm...

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