Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for October 21, 2002

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

ComputerWorld: Feds Planning Early-Warning System for Internet 18-Oct-02 22:20:11 ET

Story Highlights:“The U.S. National Communications System (NCS) plans to develop a Global Early Warning Information System (GEWIS) to monitor the performance of the Internet and provide warnings to government and industry users of threats that could degrade service, such as denial-of-service attacks against the Domain Name Servers that control Internet traffic…”

* * *

“Brenton Greene, deputy director of the NCS, speaking at a meeting here of the Federal Wireless User’s Forum (FWUF), said the agency wants to use GEWIS (pronounced ‘gee-whiz’) to monitor the ‘whole performance of the Internet…'”

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Network World Fusion: Securing Your Share of Cyberspace 18-Oct-02 18:02:36 ET

Story Highlights:“The federal government needs to set an example for industry and flex its $52-billion-a-year IT spending muscle to raise standards, so vendors build security into technology rather than rushing products to market…”

* * *

“A concerted effort is needed from everyone who depends on the Internet, to take ownership, to look for and fix the vulnerability on individual networks. Otherwise, industry won’t flourish and the economy and the nation will remain at risk. That’s what Richard Clarke, special advisor to the President for Cyberspace Security, told attendees at the recent Next Generation Networks conference…”

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The Register: Beltway Sniper Takes Out FBI Cyber-Sleuth 19-Oct-02 01:52:12 ET

Story Highlights:“An armed lunatic plaguing the Washington, DC area has managed to do more harm to American cyber-defence with a single .223 caliber bullet than an entire squadron of PLA hackers could hope to accomplish…”

* * *

“FBI National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) cyber-analyst Linda Franklin became the Beltway sniper’s eleventh victim shot and ninth victim murdered last Monday as she loaded her car with merchandise in a suburban DC shopping mall…”

Full Story on The Register

TechWeb: WLANs: Unsafe at Any Speed? 21-Oct-02 08:58:44 ET

Story Highlights:“Don’t be fooled by reports of tighter 802.11b wireless security: Big advances are fewer and farther between than you might think…”

* * *

“In fact, what’s on the upswing are the numbers and types of attacks that hackers are attempting against wireless installations…”

Full Story on TechWeb

The Register: MS Patches Insecurity Trio 18-Oct-02 23:53:11 ET

Story Highlights:“Another bundle of three security issues in Microsoft products came out this week…”

* * *

“Among them is a nasty bug in Windows-XP Help Center allowing the deletion of entire directories…”

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