Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for April 18, 2003

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

CNN: Cadets Train for Cyber-Warfare 17-Apr-03 11:04:44 ET

Story Highlights:“The cyberattacks hit after sun-up. A stream of hostile data packets flooded a Web server. Cadets in camouflage fatigues moved double-time shouting about mail servers and passwords…”

* * *

“Cadet Dan Jeffers calmly tracked the action on his computer screen, wondering about the enemy’s next move…”

Full Story on CNN

The Register: Getting Realistic in the War on Hackers 17-Apr-03 05:04:55 ET

Story Highlights:“The war on hackers is failing for the same reason the war on drugs failed: Most individuals can control themselves, but there is a substantial group of people for whom no legal penalties will be enough to discourage their behavior…”

* * *

“The temptation to try and ‘beat the system’ that is often felt by hackers and crackers, and even just regular computer users, can be enormous…”

Full Story on The Register CERT Warns of Snort Vulnerabilities 17-Apr-03 11:04:09 ET

Story Highlights:“Security researchers have found multiple security vulnerabilities in the open-source Snort network intrusion detection system, warning that older versions are wide open to code execution and denial-of-service attacks…”

* * *

“Snort, which is used primarily to perform real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on IP networks,has been upgraded to version 2.0 to fix the holes…”

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The Register: Should You Hire a Hacker? 17-Apr-03 16:04:35 ET

Story Highlights:“Should corporations hire known hackers with criminal records to test and secure their networks?…”

* * *

“The question, posed to four panelists at the RSA Security Conference held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on April 14, pitted hacker Kevin Mitnick against Christopher Painter, who prosecuted Mitnick in 1995…”

Full Story on The Register

MSNBC: Fake Bank Site Part of Nigerian Scam 17-Apr-03 08:47:15 ET

Story Highlights:“They’re certainly persistent. Another flavor of the well-known Nigerian scam has popped up, this one even more elaborate than the familiar e-mail solicitation…”

* * *

“The scam appears to target former recipients who were initially drawn in by an e-mail offer, but abandoned the scheme halfway through…”

Full Story on MSNBC

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