Daily CyberCrime and Security Report for April 17, 2003

A daily survey of the latest cybercrime news from around the world.

CNN: More Talk, Little Action in War on Cyber Terrorism 16-Apr-03 09:18:57 ET

Story Highlights:“At a time when war in Iraq has heightened fears of terrorism, the technology industry is not moving quickly enough to guard against intrusions from hackers, identity thieves and more concerted attacks by rogue governments…”

* * *

“Howard Schmidt, the White House cyber security adviser who is working with the technology industry to improve security, told the news conference that work to date had been strong on new ideas to improve security, but slow to execute…”

Full Story on CNN

IDG.net: Security Immaturity 17-Apr-03 08:47:15 ET

Story Highlights:“A survey of the state of information security, as measured against ISO guidelines, shows plenty of room for improvement…”

* * *

“Is the problem a lack of overarching vision, a dearth of adequate resources or a little of both?…”

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The Register: Use a Honeypot, Go to Prison? 17-Apr-03 11:04:22 ET

Story Highlights:“Using a honeypot to detect and monitor computer intruders might put you on the working end of federal wiretapping beef, or even get you sued by the next hacker that sticks his nose in the trap…”

* * *

“An increasingly popular technique for detecting would-be intruders, a honeypot is a type of hacker flypaper: a system that sits on an organization’s network for no other purpose than to be hacked, in theory diverting attackers away from genuinely valuable targets and putting them in an closely monitored environment where every keystroke can be analyzed…”

Full Story on The Register

ABCNews: Arab Web Sites Plagued by Attacks 17-Apr-03 03:04:52 ET

Story Highlights:“The war in Iraq set off a rash of online vandalism against Arab Web sites, site administrators and security experts say, with dozens of Web sites attacked…”

* * *

“At Islamonline.net, one of the most popular destinations for reports and analysis on Islamic affairs, traffic doubled after U.S. forces invaded Iraq…”

Full Story on ABCNews

ABCNews: Partnership Made To Fight Cyberterrorism 16-Apr-03 17:04:54 ET

Story Highlights:“Instead of pursuing strict regulations to guard against cyberterrorism, the federal government and technology industry have decided to jointly develop voluntary standards…”

* * *

“Critics say that won’t properly protect consumers from online pranksters, hackers and identity thieves…”

Full Story on ABCNews

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