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Dell Delivers New Entry-Level Servers
March 24, 2005
Continuing to cater to its core server audience, Dell announced new PowerEdge servers and management software aimed at small and midsize businesses, and also pledged support for the low-price servers and their 64-bit capabilities.
HP Adds Security, Lowers Prices at Network's Edge
February 22, 2005
HP announced a line of new routers it says will aid security at the network's edge and sell for half the price of offerings from Cisco and other networking rivals. The new ProCurve Networking products are the Secure Router 7000dl series and Access Controller Module software for the ProCurve Switch 5300xl.
CRM Trends for 2005
January 11, 2005
Twelve months ago, CRM faced some resentment in many organizations, but as the year progressed it began proving its value. "2004 was mainly a year of validating that CRM works, rather than [focusing] on major new functionality. A lot of companies focused on governance and integration, making what they had more valuable and more useful," said Erin Kinikin of Forrester Research.
HP, SAP Bring Enterprise Management Tool to SMBs
October 27, 2004
SAP and Hewlett-Packard announced today they will jointly offer a business management tool that they say brings enterprise-level best practices to small and medium-size businesses. The hosted software will be priced on a per-user basis, starting at $325 per month.
Small Businesses Take Incremental Approach to CRM
October 4, 2004
For companies that don't rank among the Fortune 500, an incremental approach to CRM often feels most comfortable. These smaller companies get their feet wet with sales force automation software or call center and customer care solutions. They build or buy these applications to handle discrete parts of their businesses, the parts in which problems pop out and command attention.
Small Businesses Save by Outsourcing IT
September 16, 2004
For companies with average revenues of $8.26 billion, the average IT budget hovers around $28.21 million, according to a Gantry Group survey. Given those numbers, small and medium-sized enterprises may wonder how they can compete in reliable and innovative information technology.
Analysts: Microsoft Raises New Appreciation of CRM
August 31, 2004
The time has come for not only a new faith in CRM but a new following -- by small and midsize companies. Since Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft introduced a CRM product to its Business Solutions line in January 2003, it has captured more than 2,500 small and midsize organizations representing more than 100,000 unique users. Builds Momentum, Targets Large Companies
August 23, 2004
With the recent release of Summer 04 and positive earnings news, seems poised to capture more of the enterprise market, including larger companies that it has not targeted in the past. Founded in 1999 by a former Oracle executive, provides customizable CRM applications and services and has approximately 168,000 subscribers.
Microsoft CRM Customers: Don't Use SP2 Yet
August 11, 2004
Microsoft has announced the release of its Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), but has noted that Microsoft CRM 1.0 and 1.2 are not compatible with the update yet. The company has stated that enhanced security features in SP2 changes some of the default behaviors of Internet Explorer and desktop security zones. As a result, Microsoft CRM customers have been advised not to download the update because it will conflict with the CRM application.
CarsDirect CTO Debra Domeyer Addresses CRM
July 26, 2004
Debra Domeyer's career began with technology support for now former-Senator Bob Dole and with supervising application development and secure communications for President Ronald Reagan's trips worldwide. After some time in vice presidential information technology stints in mortgage, publishing and energy services, Domeyer five years ago began work at CarsDirect.
VeriSign Announces Anti-Phishing Services
June 28, 2004
On Monday, VeriSign announced the rollout of a new anti-phishing service. Called "Email Security Services," the new offering is designed to dovetail with the VeriSign Intelligence and Control Services to help businesses combat spam, e-mail viruses and phishing, a type of online scam that has become increasingly popular over the past year.
How Remington Self-Serves Its Customers
June 22, 2004
In 1816, Eliphalet Remington II turned to his father's forge and began working on a better rifle. At that time he wasn't worried about supply chains or customer-relationship management. But almost 200 years later, his one-man startup is Remington Arms Company, a US$360 million enterprise selling firearms and other products in over 60 countries.
Oracle's Profit Rises on Database Sales
June 16, 2004
After the market closed Tuesday, Oracle disclosed that it earned US$990 million, or 19 cents per share, for its fourth fiscal quarter ending May 31st. The company's total revenue rose 9 percent to $3.1 billion during the quarter with its software revenue up 12 percent to $2.5 billion, and services revenue down 4 percent to $558 million.
RightNow Lands 170 Systems Deal
June 10, 2004
Hosted CRM vendor RightNow Technologies announced earlier this week that solutions and services provider 170 Systems has deployed RightNow Service to increase the quality, speed and resource efficiency of its technical support operations. Based in Bedford, Massachusetts, 170 Systems provides solutions for companies using Oracle environments.
Report: SMB Opportunities Still Untapped
June 7, 2004
U.S. small- and medium-sized business (SMB) spending on enterprise software reached nearly $1 billion during 2003, according to a report authored by Access Markets International Partners. This includes SMB spending on customer-relationship management, sales-force automation, enterprise-resource planning and supply-chain management.
Microsoft Unveils CRM Upgrade
June 2, 2004
Without hiking license fees, Microsoft will roll out its next upgrade to Microsoft CRM software in August, the company announced Tuesday. The new version, Microsoft CRM 1.2, will have several key improvements, including closer integration with Microsoft Office 2003, a new mobile component, reporting enhancements and a tool to ease the redeployment process for IT administrators.
Small Biz Writ Large: Conexio Buys ECS
June 1, 2004
In a David-swallows-Goliath merger on a mid-market scale, Conexio, which has 10 employees, has acquired Enterprise Computer Solutions (ECS), which has 25 employees. The merger creates the largest value-added reseller of FrontRange Solutions' products in the United States in terms of product volume and sales.
IBM-PeopleSoft Deal Opens Door to Linux CRM
May 19, 2004
The dynamic duo of IBM and PeopleSoft has launched an initiative that the two companies say will expand their existing alliance, allowing them to focus more sharply on small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) worldwide. The alliance calls for joint hardware and software development of vertical applications, joint marketing efforts, cooperative Linux development and industry-specific solutions for resellers.
SAP Rolls Out New Best-Practices Apps
May 12, 2004
At its Sapphire '04 international customer conference in New Orleans today, SAP rolled out several new packaged offerings for CRM, ERP and vertical industry applications. The software is designed to help mid-market companies address specific business processes, accelerate implementation and achieve return on investment (ROI).
IBM's Mid-Market Integration Express
May 6, 2004
Rapid growth of information technology among small and medium businesses (SMBs) with between 100 and 1,000 employees has not been lost on some major integration players, including Microsoft and IBM. With this week's launch of IBM WebSphere Business Integration Server Express, Big Blue is attempting to bring middleware to the masses.
Siemens VP Al Baker on the Call-Center Challenge
March 12, 2004
Nearly everyone who has ever phoned a company's call center has encountered long hold times, multiple transfers and harried reps. With the introduction of a new contact-center application, Siemens is hoping to file those experiences in the dustbin of CRM history. The company's vice president of eCRM, Al Baker, spoke with CRM Buyer about the unique challenges of call centers and how those problems can be solved.
Can Bill Gates Fix CRM?
March 10, 2004
In late 2002, Microsoft rolled out the first version of its CRM software. In the intervening year, the company reports, more than 1,000 companies have purchased the product and praised its ease of use and painless integration. Not all companies are so enthusiastic, however. As Microsoft refines its software in future upgrades, will the company be able to leap past CRM's biggest stumbling blocks?
IBM, Siebel Ally on Hosted CRM Milestone
October 3, 2003
IBM and Siebel Systems have announced plans to work together to offer low-cost, on-demand and hosted customer relationship management services, a move the companies say will bring world-class software within reach of many small and mid-size companies. The offering, known as Siebel CRM OnDemand, will be sold at a monthly price of $70 per user.
The Evolution of IBM's WebSphere
September 10, 2003
When it comes to e-commerce software, IBM's WebSphere still reigns supreme -- but competitive pressure has prompted major changes to the product line. For example, Big Blue has begun to target the mid-market by selling a scaled-down version of WebSphere with a lower price tag. What is IBM's big-picture plan for this much-vaunted software?
Onyx Joins Mobile CRM Parade
July 10, 2003
With Onyx' new Portable CRM suite, which features a light-footprint architecture, mobile professionals can access Onyx Enterprise CRM via different mobile devices to manage customer interactions, sales opportunities and service and support cases.
Epicor's New App To Run on ICE
May 28, 2003
Epicor Software's Internet Component Environment (ICE) will make its debut with the late June release of Epicor for Service Enterprises, an enterprise service automation suite for mid-market applications. The ICE platform, which incorporates Microsoft's .NET architecture, is designed to make management and modification of the new app easier.
ServiceWare Express for the Mid-Market
May 20, 2003
ServiceWare Technologies is branching into the mid-market with a new suite of knowledge management tools for customer service and support. The offering, dubbed ServiceWare Express, includes Web self-service, e-mail response management, chat and agent-facing tools, such as case management and reporting.
Apropos Set To Release Interaction Management Suite 6
April 9, 2003
Apropos Technology is making a move to expand beyond the mid-market and sell to larger customers with the release of version 6 of its Interaction Management Suite. Due to debut in late June, the beefed-up application will provide upgrades for customization, integration, reporting and analytics capabilities and will be fully J2EE-compliant.
Axonom's PowerTrak V6.0
March 19, 2003
Axonom's PowerTrak V6.0 CRM technology places the company firmly within the .NET mid-tier marketplace. Designed to operate on top of Microsoft's CRM platform, PowerTrak addresses three vertical sectors: wealth management, nonprofit and association management, and high-tech.
Hunting Down the SMBs
March 18, 2003
Big enterprises are obvious sales targets for technology vendors. Landing a big installation that affects thousands of workers is like hitting a home run. But in the current economic climate, another strategy -- the one-base-at-a-time approach -- is needed. Is the small and medium business (SMB) sector the new promised land?
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