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Jennifer LeClaire
Salesforce.com Reflects on Web Services
08/19/05 10:24 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 528 Words

... meeting Wall Street's expectations in its second quarter earnings announcement late Wednesday, on-demand customer relationship management specialist Salesforce.com turned its attention to two new projects. Dubbed Mirrorforce and Smashforce, the projects are designed to strengthen the company's technology and expand its Web...

Keith Regan
Salesforce.com Growth Projections Disappoint Analysts
07/22/04 9:58 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 692 Words

... the enthusiasm sparked by its successful initial public offering, hosted software pioneer Salesforce.com has issued a growth forecast that falls short of analysts' expectations. On Wednesday, Salesforce held its first-ever analysts' meeting since going public and, while many of the presentations focused...

Staff Writer
Salesforce.com Steps Out with New Hosted CRM Apps
11/12/03 9:45 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 551 Words

... Salesforce.com on Monday announced Winter '04, its latest hosted CRM service and the fourteenth generation since the offering was introduced in early 2000. The company also unveiled its sforce 2.0 on-demand application server , which is included in the Winter '04 release.

Dana Gardner
Salesforce.com's Jigsaw Buy: The End of Advertising?
04/21/10 9:40 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 1213 Words

... Salesforce.com's buy of Jigsaw is the latest, most indicative market mover in the transition to a lead generation economy. Twitter's forays into a sponsored tweets business model announced last week at Chirp is another. Yahoo selling its soul to Microsoft for...

Erika Morphy
Salesforce.com, NetSuite Add Google Paid Search
08/22/06 3:25 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 464 Words

Both NetSuite and Salesforce.com have introduced new features that support paid search advertising on Google and, in NetSuite's case, on both Google and Yahoo . Salesforce.com acquired Kieden Corporation, a provider of paid search technology , earlier this month, and has incorporated the...

Denis Pombriant
Salesforce.com, NetSuite Broaden Their Appeal
06/28/06 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 903 Words

... things hit the wires this week relative to CRM that I think are interesting events, and in some ways they go beyond the on-demand space. Salesforce.com announced its partner relationship management (PRM) solution, and NetSuite said it will sell its product in...

Erika Morphy
Salesforce.com Broadens Reach to Partner Network
06/27/06 8:27 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 419 Words

... Salesforce.com is venturing into the partner relationship management space with the release of Partnerforce, Salesforce Partner Edition. PRM, a software category related to CRM , focuses on connecting and maintaining relationships with direct and indirect partners instead of customers.

Processes supported...

ECT News Desk
Salesforce.com Pushes On-Demand Model with Winter '05
11/03/04 8:54 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 235 Words

... Salesforce.com today announced the expansion of its on-demand service with Winter '05. The product line includes Salesforce.com Winter '05, Supportforce.com Winter '05, sforce 5.0 and the new on-demand customization toolkit, Customforce.com. Winter '05 will provide the applications , customization toolkit and integration...

Erika Morphy
Toyota's Got a Friend in Salesforce.com
05/24/11 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 471 Words

... Salesforce.com is participating in a social media project with Toyota Motor , in what could launch the CRM company into an entirely new industry -- telematics. Or not. The agreement between Salesforce.com and Toyota to collaborate on this offering, called "Toyota Friend,"...

Erika Morphy
Salesforce.com Pushes More Chatter in the Workplace
06/22/10 12:35 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 515 Words

... Salesforce.com has made its latest product, Salesforce.com Chatter, generally available for its 77,300 customers. First unveiled as a private beta earlier this year, Chatter is a real-time social collaboration application and platform for the enterprise . It allows employees to send feeds...

Erika Morphy
Salesforce.com Corrals Customer Services in the Cloud
01/15/09 11:46 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 343 Words

... Salesforce.com has rolled out another cloud offering -- this time for the service space. Called "Service Cloud," the bundled applications, which include integrated social networking tools, are built on the Force.com platform . Service Cloud allows users to create an online community...

Erika Morphy
SaaS Drives Sizzling Q2 for Salesforce.com
08/16/07 3:01 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 446 Words

... as a Service (SaaS) pioneer Salesforce.com exceeded analyst expectations for its second quarter, registering net income of US$3.74 million -- a 3 cent per share increase -- and revenue of $176.6 million. The Street had been expecting it to bring in just...

Jeff Frentzen
Free Adobe Tools Aim to Ease Salesforce.com App Dev
04/16/07 11:12 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 590 Words

Adobe and Salesforce.com on Monday announced a partnership with Adobe to release the Adobe Flex Toolkit for Apex, a free set of programming tools that combine Adobe's Flex technology for rich Internet application development with the Salesforce.com Apex platform for building on-demand, hosted...

Denis Pombriant
Salesforce.com Looks to the Future
11/22/06 4:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 928 Words

... have to take your hat off to Salesforce.com , I think. Last week's earnings call was a thing of beauty. It was the kind of thing that I bet every entrepreneur must dream of doing someday -- reporting to the investors on...

Erika Morphy
Salesforce.com Mobilizes AppExchange
04/11/06 4:03 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 430 Words

... Salesforce.com is extending its AppExchange network to mobile devices with the introduction of AppExchange Mobile. The new feature was developed using proprietary software from Sendia, a wireless business platform company, which Salesforce.com announced it would acquire for US$15 million in cash.


Denis Pombriant
Salesforce.com Ups the Ante in IT
11/10/04 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 882 Words

How else do you explain the timing of Salesforce.com's announcements last week at DreamForce, its annual user group meeting in San Francisco? The issue of The Economist on the news stands on election day (also the first day of the conference) sported...

Kevin W. FitzMaurice
Class Action Accuses Salesforce.com of Withholding Data
09/13/04 11:49 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 397 Words

... federal class action lawsuit filed Thursday accuses Salesforce.com , its CEO and its chief financial officer of withholding critical, detrimental financial information from potential investors in order to boost the share price of the company's IPO. The lawsuit was filed in the...

Jeffrey M. Kaplan
The Crystallization of Salesforce's IoT Strategy
01/12/17 9:45 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 691 Words

One of the early proponents of IoT's unprecedented potential was Salesforce.com, which promoted its own view of the concept in the form of the "Internet of the Customer," or IoC.

Behind every "thing" being connected is a customer who is affected...

Erika Morphy
Salesforce.com Engulfs Communities in Community Cloud
08/27/14 12:39 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 711 Words

The product is launching as a new division for Salesforce.com, on par with its Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud offerings, said Lisa Hammitt, vice president of business operations for Salesforce1 Community Cloud. Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, Community Cloud connects to Salesforce...

Erika Morphy
Salesforce.com Pilots Tech for Team-Building
12/21/12 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 414 Words

... Salesforce.com rolled out an integration between Sales Cloud and Work.com this week. The integration is currently available in pilot and will be made generally available to all Salesforce.com customers in the first half of 2013. To understand the value-add the integration offers,...

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