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Denis Pombriant
Dave Duffield Inherits the Earth
09/05/07 4:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 906 Words

For quite a while, another on-demand software CEO, Zach Nelson of NetSuite , has been telling anyone who would listen that the back office systems are the systems of record. He's right too. The relevance? Front office systems without back office integration will...

Denis Pombriant
SAP's New First Step
01/31/07 4:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 1031 Words

First off, the platform and business model sound a lot like what has been doing with AppExchange, or, on a less grand scale, what NetSuite has been doing with its NetFlex product. Either way, we're familiar with the broad outlines --...

Denis Pombriant
Google's AdWords Presents a New Frontier for CRM Marketers
08/23/06 4:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 884 Words

Google made its presence felt in the front office market in a big way this week when both and NetSuite announced within hours of each other their embrace of Google AdWords as an integral part of their marketing solutions. To be sure,...

Erika Morphy
Looking at SMB Integration With Enterprise Eyes
07/31/06 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 846 Words

Wendt opted to go with NetSuite , which offers suite functionality and can be easily customized. The firm has been able to double productivity since its adoption of NetSuite software, he claimed. "I am glad we found it; we were looking at...

Erika Morphy
Why CRM Just Keeps on Ticking
02/28/06 8:39 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 968 Words

This trend is likely to spread to all aspects of a CRM application, Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite, told CRM Buyer.

NetSuite can be counted among those companies that popularized the concept of a Dashboard -- a feature that allows...

Erika Morphy
SAP Launches New Hosted CRM App
02/02/06 3:07 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 844 Words

SAP pioneered the "isolated-tenancy" model, a departure from the multi-tenant concept that underlies Siebel OnDemand, , NetSuite and other offerings.

SAP's isolated tenancy concept combines the best points of a single-tenancy approach with a multi-tenancy approach, according to the company. With...

John P. Mello Jr.
Rivals Unworried by Microsoft On-Demand Offensive
11/01/05 8:05 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 704 Words

Microsoft's expected announcement today that it was broadening its presence in the on-demand software market isn't causing leading players in the arena to quake in their code. "I truly don't think Microsoft has anything to sell in that space," maintained Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite ...

Brian R. Hook
Microsoft Refocuses on Small Business Software
09/29/05 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 1040 Words

As growth has dried up in the enterprise segment, almost all software companies have launched a small-business initiative, according to Zach Nelson, chief executive officer of NetSuite in San Mateo, Calif. "However, taking products designed for large companies and then retrofitting them...

Denis Pombriant
Changing the Paradigm
03/23/05 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 1019 Words

Did you catch it? It happened Thursday, when NetSuite, with its NetFlex announcement, became the second company to offer development and customization capabilities. The week before, in New York, announced Multiforce, an ambitious addition to its already ambitious Sforce. Multiforce is...

Staff Writer
ProfitCenter Gives Hosted CRM a Different Spin
03/19/04 7:43 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 718 Words

CRM industry analyst Denis Pombriant told CRM Buyer that vendors SAP and NetSuite (and, to a lesser extent, SFDC) have initiated a trend to integrate more data from ERP and SCM applications into CRM applications to provide a 360-degree customer view.


Denis Pombriant
2019 CRM Wish List
01/03/19 8:45 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 896 Words

Another vendor in the mix is NetSuite , which has been setting sales records since Oracle bought and significantly invested in it. NetSuite's idea of CRM is e-commerce , though, so customers will self-select.

On the flip side, there are smallish...

Denis Pombriant
OpenWorld Preview
10/17/18 10:51 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 1130 Words

Oracle also has a day devoted to NetSuite , which many analysts will cover. NetSuite's existence shows how important the middle market is to Oracle as it tries to sink deep roots into the cloud industry.

There is no doubt that Oracle...

Denis Pombriant
Oracle OpenWorld
09/29/16 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 923 Words

Nonetheless, that's a matter for another time. 10-Year Plan Oracle's path to the cloud will be vastly different from that of Salesforce and NetSuite -- two companies Ellison had a hand in getting off the ground. He was a board member of Salesforce...

Denis Pombriant
Oracle Does the Cloud Dance
09/19/16 4:14 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 710 Words

He owned a big chunk of NetSuite and was a member of the Salesforce board at the very beginning. When he was denigrating the cloud, he simply was selling what he had at a time when his customer base wasn't ready to begin...

Denis Pombriant
Moving to the Front Office
01/09/13 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 832 Words

Companies like NetSuite offer a nice e-commerce package that runs off their back-end ERP -- so does Oracle , just to pick a couple. That looks old-school, but NetSuite is also a SaaS company in the CRM and ERP markets, and it's doing...

Richard Adhikari
Box Embed Tools Tear Down Content Walls
10/09/12 3:54 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 669 Words

The company also announced that 10 enterprise software partners, including Oracle , SugarCRM , NetSuite and Zendesk, will use Box Embed in their apps.

This "makes it easier for enterprises to break out of their data silos," Michael King, director of...

Denis Pombriant
The Salesperson's New Toolbox
05/23/12 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 777 Words

So SAP , NetSuite and Xactly , just to name a few, all had conferences. I heard from attendees that SAP had some interesting things to say, though I am not sure where they go from here since I was not in attendance...

Erika Morphy
A Little Silverlight Goes a Long Way in Aplicor's UI
05/20/11 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 409 Words

NetSuite, Great Plains and Quickbooks
With the accounting and CRM modules combined, Aplicor is now in a position to compete for customers that use NetSuite, Great Plains or Quickbooks, noted Koltis.

"We have the general ledger, accounts payable,...

Denis Pombriant
Next Year's Strategic Opportunities
12/29/10 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 1052 Words

Microsoft , Oracle , Salesforce, RightNow and NetSuite are all gainers.

But the drivers for software acquisition remain what they have always been -- improving processes, saving money or making money. Companies whose products can do one or more of these will...

Denis Pombriant
Microsoft's Mandate for Change
11/17/10 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 904 Words

Oracle has a grid computing offering, SAP is debuting cloud-friendly products and a raft of smaller companies such as NetSuite are intent on becoming the next big thing, just as many of today's incumbents displaced mainframes a decade or more ago. But...

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