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Getting Ready for the Google Generation

Like every new generation, today's youth are unlike their predecessors, and they are poised to make a significant impact on society and business as they enter the workforce. While this may not seem like a revelation, what is important to keep in mind is who is pulling some of the strings that are al...


The Government’s Place in the Cloud

One of my predictions for 2009 was that many of the new Obama administration's initiatives would promote and accelerate the growth of Software as a Service and cloud computing. What I underestimated at that time was how quickly government itself would embrace SaaS and cloud computing to improve its ...


Shifting Clouds

The initial success and rapid growth of cloud computing is attracting a "cloud rush" of players twisting the original concept to suit their proprietary purposes and confusing IT and business decision-makers in the process. This proliferation process is also accelerating the inevitable shakeout of va...


Can SaaS and Cloud Computing Be Location-Independent?

I'm increasingly convinced that today's technology is making it possible to make cloud computing and SaaS solutions location-independent. The idea of private clouds, as well as deploying "hybrid" SaaS solutions behind the firewall, has become controversial among many cloud computing and SaaS zealots...


Do Private Clouds Make Sense?

Now that the concept of cloud computing has become tech the topic du jour, the latest round of debate has centered on whether cloud computing can be extended into the enterprise in the form of private clouds to meet the unique requirements of individual organizations. Cloud computing zealots are veh...


SaaS and Cloud Computing: The Channel Is Far From Dead

One of the misconceptions of the Software-as-a-Service and broader cloud computing market is that these new Web-based services will "disintermediate" the channel because of their simpler, more user-friendly solutions, and direct sales and delivery business models. While there is no question that the...


MSPs Can’t Afford Not to Swing to SaaS

In my previous column in this space, I examined the trends which are driving IT managers to increasingly embrace Software as a Service solutions to better support their end-users and help their organizations achieve their corporate objectives. A growing number of managed services providers are also ...


Why IT Is Embracing SaaS

One of the common misconceptions about Software as a Service is that this new approach to software distribution and user adoption is at odds with the preferences and best practices of the IT organization. The reality is that SaaS is increasingly being viewed as a savior for IT. A longstanding goal o...

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