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The Baffling Cybercrime Case of the Nosy Spouse

A husband, using his wife's password, read her email on a shared laptop and learned she was having an affair. A prosecutor in Michigan then charged him with a felony for reading his now ex-wife's Gmail, sending shock waves through the Internet. One might wonder where marital boundaries of sharing i...


The Law Is Coming to Social Media’s Wild West

Internet privacy seems to be constantly in the headlines globally, and social media communications are clearly driving most of these privacy concerns. Since law is the glue that hold societies together, all people on Earth rely on various laws, whether they drive their cars in traffic, pay taxes, es...


Who Reads Terms of Service, Privacy Policies or Click Agreements?

Over the last couple of years, in presentations around the U.S. about social media, I've asked audience members whether they take the time to read website terms of service, privacy policies or click wrap agreements. Very few have raised their hands. Recently, one CIO summed up the reasons: "Why both...


US Law Against Online Gambling Makes It the Biggest Loser

In 2006, the U.S. enacted the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which outlawed Internet gambling and restricted how financial institutions could pay monies to Internet gambling sites. The UIGEA resulted from four major policy concerns of the federal government. First, the Internet was too ...


The Stunning Impact of E-Discovery on IT

In today's world, it is no wonder that every lawsuit has electronic evidence. Unfortunately, for the most part, lawyers and judges do not understand IT or the Internet. As a result, litigation generally misses the mark regarding what is now referred to as "ESI," or electronically stored informatio...

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