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Contest Entry

Any eligible business within the United States, across any industries, organizations, and education systems excluding government entities according to Terms and Conditions.

Enter via the “Enter to Win” page and complete the entry form. The judges need to know all the reasons why you deserve a CX transformation makeover. Enter now to win.

Starting Noon MST June 1, 2022. The last day to submit is Noon MST August 31, 2022.

Contest Winner and Rewards

The Grand Prize valued at $160,000: Seven exclusive sessions of CX coaching with Jeannie Walters, Founder and CEO and one year of NICE CXone up to $125,000.

Second Place: Five exclusive sessions with a certified coach from Experience Investigators.

Agent Incentive: Agents, you can get a $200 Amazon gift card if you submit the entry form and your contact center accepts the grand prize or runner up prize. Top 10 finalists will be notified on or before October 3, 2022 to request decision makers/stakeholders contact information to ensure your contact center will accept a prize if they win. Enter today!

The top 10 finalists will be notified that they are in the running for a prize on or before October 3, 2022. At this time, we will request decision-makers’ contact information to confirm that they can accept any prize if judges select their contact center as a winner. If the agent submitted a winning entry, they will receive a $200 Amazon gift card if the prize is accepted. Winners will be reached out by October 18, 2022 and notified via email.

Provide as much specific detail as possible to help showcase why your current contact center environment needs an update and why you’d benefit from a makeover. It would help to include quantitative metrics or anecdotal stories that paint the picture of the challenges you, your agents, and your customers face. Here are two examples of what we are looking for:

Written submission from an agent:
At my call center, we have this old software that doesn’t allow us to change our schedules. The chatbot is useless. I spend half my day activating credit cards. Can’t a bot handle that? And I spend the other half training 50 remote agents in Microsoft Teams calls because they don’t have access to the training modules. And it’s daily because our call center has a revolving door. People get sick of working at a place that makes them do tedious things like checking bank balances and credit card activations. Customers want to do that stuff themselves anyway. This place really needs a digital makeover.  

Written submission from a call center manager:
I manage the call center, and my biggest problem is attrition. We have 150 agents, mostly remote workers after Covid. If they’re not happy, they can get a job anywhere. My best agents are leaving so they can work somewhere that has the latest and greatest technology. They want a chatbot that handles grunt work and a knowledge management system that actually lets customers find answers by themselves. It’s frustrating for agents and customers to find anything in our knowledge base. We need a digital makeover, so I can improve retention and hit our CX goals this year.

Contest Organizers and Judges

NICE is a worldwide leader in AI-powered self-service and agent-assisted CX software for the contact center—and beyond. Imagine the possibilities when your customers are effortlessly guided to quickly resolve their needs directly on your digital properties or matched with a well-prepared agent—every time and on every channel. Plus, with predictive analytics and embedded artificial intelligence (AI), your team can resolve issues faster, personalize each experience—and forge deeper loyalty with each customer.

Check out our About NICE page to learn more about NICE.

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Jeannie Walters is an award-winning customer experience expert, international keynote speaker, and Founder of Experience Investigators, a firm that’s pioneered helping companies increase sales and customer retention through elevated customer experiences.

Trailblazing the movement from “Reactive Customer Service” to “Proactive Customer Experience,” Jeannie is considered the leading authority for improving both employee and customer relationships. A Certified Customer Experience Professional and charter member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, Jeannie’s worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies including OrangeTheory Fitness, SAP, Comcast, and JPMorgan Chase.

As a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, Jeannie has spoken to tens of thousands of people across three continents on the power of proactivity to increase brand loyalty.

A sought-after business coach and educator, Jeannie’s partnered with MarketingProfs as a Masterclass Instructor and has had over 300,000 people go through her courses on LinkedIn Learning.

Passionate about demystifying the process for improving customer experience, Jeannie has published thousands of articles, and her insights have been featured in Forbes, The Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, and many more.

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