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New Contactless Biometric System Uses Hands as Secure Passwords

Widespread belief is that finger, face, and voice authentication are the epitome of security. But those technologies are not as safe as we think, according to nVIAsoft officials, who point out that conventional biometric systems like face, voice, and fingerprint recognition have easily exploitable s...

Supply Chain Fears, Inflation, Robust Online Sales Drove Jump in Holiday Returns

While retailers aren't happy with rising return rates, in the current environment, they are a reflection of success. "When you have the kind of growth we've seen in the online channel, that's how you get an overall high return rate," Peter Madden, a director in the retail practice of AlixPartners, a...


Intel’s Mega-Site Fab Is Critical to the US Tackling International Conflicts

Intel's US$20 billion plan to build in Ohio the largest semiconductor factory in the U.S. will be crucial to the United States' ability to both enforce technology sanctions against Russia if war breaks out, and to assure success if the war spreads and extends over a long period of time. Let's explor...


The Great Re…tirement

CRM has become big enough to generate a significant shadow. When an idea like putting customers in the center of our universe takes hold, we see ripple effects everywhere in the culture. Nobody wants to be in favor of something else. But other times, CRM gets blowback from new trends. Such is the ca...

Reports Warn of Worsening Warfare From Cyber Criminals in 2022

Brace yourself, 2022 promises to bring expanded cyber confrontations as ransomware attacks gain the high ground. A dangerous increase in ransomware attacks last year caused devastating compromises to government organizations, critical infrastructure, and businesses. Much of the increase resulted fro...

young adults

4 Tips To Attract a Younger Customer Base

Attracting and engaging with a younger target audience is no longer optional; it is an essential marketing goal. The big question is: how to do it? Marketers and online retailers who have found useful answers to that question shared their insights with the E-Commerce Times.

Covid Domain Registrations Soar, Many by Bad Actors

Nearly half a million Covid-related domains have been created over the last two years, many of them being used by online fraudsters. The pandemic has created an environment in which bad actors make use of a range of Covid-related "hooks" to commit cybercrime and fraud, impacting consumers and brand...

Machine Learning

Charmed Kubeflow 1.4 Brings Smart, Agile MLOps to any Cloud

Canonical is pushing the limits to automate the full lifecycle of feature engineering, training, and release workflows for machine learning models with its MLOps platform Charmed Kubeflow 1.4. The new free release enables data science teams to securely collaborate on AI/ML innovation on any cloud, f...

Average Tech Salary Breaks Six Figures, Some Workers Still Feel Underpaid

The average salary for a tech worker reached US$104,566 in 2021, yet nearly half still feel they're underpaid. The hot recruiting market could be contributing to workers feeling underpaid, maintained Brittany Nisenzon, metro markets manager with Robert Half, a global staffing company.


How To Fix the Autonomous Electric Car Demand Problem

The automotive market is moving rapidly to make and sell autonomous vehicles, but studies suggest that two out of three drivers don't want them. Let's talk about what the industry is doing wrong with its positioning of autonomous electric cars. Then we'll close with the product of the week, an impre...

Cybersecurity researchers uncovered a vicious new threat that hides as legitimate systems software. With Linux kernel 5.12 you can update firmware, no reboot required. The last refinement in LibreOffice 7 series paves the way for a new set of features when Series 8 arrives. If that is not enough to ...

Digital Clienteling Platform Breathes Life Into Live Commerce

The marketing technique called clienteling is used by retail workers to establish long-term relationships with key customers. When applied to e-commerce, the practice is based on having access to data about their preferences, behaviors, and purchases. A relatively new variation of this concept is di...

Play-To-Earn Gaming Faces Hurdles To Rapid Growth

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian raised some eyebrows in the gaming world recently when he predicted that play-to-earn gaming would take over 90 percent of the gaming market in five years. Analysts we spoke with are skeptical of his forecast.

Data Breaches Affected Nearly 6 Billion Accounts in 2021

The biggest breach of the period was actually a combination of several cyber smash-and-grab operations over the years that contained 3.2 billion unique email and password combinations from Netflix, LinkedIn and other online outfits.

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Piecing Together the Supply Chain Puzzle

Supply chain issues have haunted businesses during the past several months. Given the status of the pandemic and other challenges, they probably won't be resolved any time soon. We spoke with several experts to get their perspective on what's going on with supply chains and how online sellers can ad...


4 Industries on the Brink of Technological Disruption

This decade is going to be known for both an unprecedented amount of change and a lot of companies and people suddenly discovering that the road they were on dead-ended. Let's talk about a some of these upcoming disruptions. Then we'll close with the product of the week, a head-mounted display that ...

Russia’s REvil Takedown Sets Stage for Several Scenarios

Russian authorities on Friday reported that they shut down the REvil ransomware operations and arrested a dozen or more gang members. The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation said it quashed the REvil ransomware gang after U.S. authorities reported on the leader.


New Breeze Theme Gives KDE Neon Release Lots of Sparkle

KDE Neon 5.23 is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution featuring the latest KDE Plasma desktop and other KDE community software. With an edge over other KDE installations, the Neon project provides a rapidly evolving software repository with all the latest KDE software.


Dreamforce NYC Was Un-CRM-Like and That’s Okay

Salesforce held its Dreamforce NYC on schedule in early December, which you might have missed because of other news like Omicron and the looming chaos of the holidays. What was so interesting was how un-CRM-like it was.

More Than One in Three Firms Burned by AI Bias

Bias in AI systems can result in significant losses to companies, according to a new survey by an enterprise AI company. Thirty-six percent of companies revealed they had suffered losses due to AI bias in one or several algorithms, noted a DataRobot survey of over 350 U.S. and U.K. technologists.

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