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The Future Enterprise, Part 6: Why Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong

There's a new bit of conventional wisdom regarding the future of computing, and it's gathering momentum in some corners of the business world. Advocates of this particular piece of wisdom argue that the best way to reduce the cost and complexity of corporate computing for the data centers of the fut...


The Future Enterprise, Part 5: User-Friendly Delivery

For most of the short history of computing, people have been forced to adapt to the way computers work, rather than the other way around; however, that trend is starting to change in a big way. The rise of cloud computing, social networking and mobile connectivity has put individuals and their needs...


The Future Enterprise, Part 4: Working Smarter

While the purpose of this series is to talk about the future of enterprise computing and how advances and technology are moving us along a certain path to that future, if we stop for a moment and look at the recent history in enterprise computing, it's clear that we've come a long way in a few short...


The Future Enterprise, Part 3: Technology Designed to Fit the Job

Not all computing tasks are created equal, and the same goes for computing systems. Corporations and other organizations will be best served by systems that are designed to perform particular jobs or are flexible enough to adapt to them -- one of the core principles of engineering. In techie jargon,...


The Future Enterprise, Part 2: A New Computing Vision

With issues such as cost, interoperability and energy usage in mind, we can now look to lay out a vision for the future of computing. The primary goals of today's sophisticated computing leaders are to manage complexity, reduce costs, and better enable organizations to reap insights from all of the ...


The Future Enterprise, Part 1: Why Businesses Need to Rethink Computing

The world of business is in the midst of a profound shift, driven by a convergence of forces -- technological, economic and social. As a result, information must be gathered and managed more efficiently and effectively than ever before, decisions have to be made at every level in an organization wit...

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