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Big Data and the London Olympics Cybersecurity Challenge

Security has been a top concern of the Olympic Games ever since that fateful day in September of 1972 when terrorists killed members of the Israeli Olympics team. Since then, each Olympics has only increased its level of security consideration. The more recent games have had to focus as much on cyb...


Log Management and SIEM: The Network’s Trusty Watchdogs

Managing a data center is more complicated than ever with the growing sophistication and interconnectedness of enterprise applications, networks and now private and public cloud resources. The challenges created by these interwoven infrastructures are difficult to overcome without the right tools. O...


6 Critical Technologies for Combating Targeted Attacks

Hiring a professional penetration tester is often a humbling experience. Using a mix of simple social engineering and technology savvy, a professional is often able to expose dangerous security holes in an organization's IT infrastructure with ease. In a few days, a penetration tester can identify ...

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