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YOU May Be Your Company’s Biggest Security Threat

If I wanted to hack your e-commerce business, I'd have your help. It's a fact that no one runs a business from one location (or one computer) anymore. In today's world, work gets done everywhere -- in offices, in homes, in hotels, at airports, and while sipping mocha and siphoning Internet connectiv...


A Start-Up’s Guide to E-Commerce Security, Speed and Scalability

All new e-commerce businesses should address one vital question first and foremost: Will you collect and store payment card information on your Web site or offload credit card processing to a PCI-compliant merchant like PayPal? The answer to this question is paramount and should be well thought out ...


Everyone’s Stoked About Cyber Monday – Vendors, Customers and Hackers

Less than 20 days until Cyber Monday. You've got staffing queued up. Your warehouse is full. Your shipper is standing by. But have you considered what will happen on your Web site after a flood of qualified buyers click on the irresistible and precisely worded ad for your product or service? You've ...

Will Elon Musk ultimately purchase Twitter?
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