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Denis Pombriant
App Dev Today
04/27/16 11:29 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 767 Words

Last year, I researched the impact of the proliferation of cloud computing on business. I know it sounds like a dry...

Denis Pombriant
Zuora Moves to the Center
04/20/16 11:10 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 768 Words

Zuora , the company that made its bones in subscription billing and payments, held its annual Subscribed user meeting in...

Denis Pombriant
Fake Loyalty
04/13/16 2:24 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 729 Words

There's an interesting connection between customer relationships in subscription businesses and loyalty, according to a recent article by Zuora CEO Tien...

Denis Pombriant
Please Hold the Music
04/06/16 3:55 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 887 Words

Remember when your mother used to yell up the stairs to get you to turn your music down? Sometimes, in the...

Richard Adhikari
Chatbots Drive Shopify's Kit CRM Deal
04/15/16 1:08 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 655 Words

"Chatbots look like the new spaghetti being thrown at a wall to see if it sticks," observed Denis Pombriant, principal at Beagle Research.

Their sweet spot "will be in providing the ability to proactively personalize brand encounters by providing contextual innovation,"...

Richard Adhikari
Fusion Launches Enterprise Cloud Contact Center Solution
04/21/16 3:58 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 659 Words

"The cloud contains Web, social and other channels that weren't a factor before," Denis Pombriant, principal at Beagle Research Group, pointed out.

"This changes the service paradigm from one that's phone-centric to one that's more customer-focused," he told CRM Buyer, noting...

Richard Adhikari
Salesforce's MetaMind Buy Fuels CRM's AI Arms Race
04/07/16 3:08 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 610 Words

On the other hand, the purchase "has the earmark of an acquisition done to bring promising ideas in-house without necessarily having a clear path to market," suggested Denis Pombriant, principal at Beagle Research.

"As one of the larger companies on the...

Denis Pombriant
CPQ's Challenge
03/31/16 12:32 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 651 Words

Virtually every CPQ -- configuration, price and quote -- software vendor on the planet has a credible solution for the processes...

Denis Pombriant
Commoditizing Software
03/24/16 12:18 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 885 Words

For more than 50 years, the IT industry has followed a well-known script associated with emerging and evolving paradigms: First a...

Denis Pombriant
A Future Without Work?
03/17/16 7:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 891 Words

Periodically, a blatantly silly idea gains currency, spreading throughout society, and it has one of two effects: Either it scares the...

Denis Pombriant
Through the CRM Lens
03/09/16 1:59 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 796 Words

This is delicate and I will be scrupulously neutral in these paragraphs so as to offend no one, but I thought...

Denis Pombriant
The Salesforce Health Cloud
03/02/16 7:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 717 Words

Salesforce is opening a can of snakes with its new Health Cloud, which became generally available this week. Having worked in...

Denis Pombriant
Mining the Customer Base
02/24/16 3:27 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 789 Words

One of the biases inherent in CRM is its orientation toward new business. This might sound strange to most people, but...

Denis Pombriant
02/17/16 11:03 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 1014 Words

I was gobsmacked when I read this in Robert Gordon's The Rise and Fall of American Growth : The U.S. Standard...

Denis Pombriant
Marketing Quantification
02/10/16 9:54 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 714 Words

It has been fun watching the rapid improvement of the marketing function over the last decade. The advance was in no...

Denis Pombriant
Birth of the Modern
02/05/16 7:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 1464 Words

Nearly every generation sees the birth of what, for it, will define modern life going forward. As uncertain as the twenty-teens...

Richard Adhikari
IBM Snags Bluewolf for Salesforce Chops
04/01/16 4:09 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 614 Words

Acquiring Expertise
"Seems to me IBM bought the expertise they don't have in-house," observed Denis Pombriant, principal at Beagle Research Group. "Bluewolf has a wealth of knowledge about how to build apps on Salesforce for multiple different platforms."


Richard Adhikari
IBM Gloves Up for Public Sector CRM Arena
03/23/16 9:46 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 637 Words

It may not be a cakewalk for IBM, though, because "this isn't the old days when [it] could show up and dominate," noted Denis Pombriant, principal at Beagle Research. Public sector CRM "is a crowded market."

How IBM Can Make It...

Richard Adhikari
Study: Enterprises Shift Analytics Focus to Back Office
03/30/16 11:13 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 669 Words

The Other Side of the Issue
"Analyzing operational metrics only gives insight once it's too late to do something," argued Denis Pombriant, principal at Beagle Research Group . "Other measures worth considering include revenue and leads per program against costs,...

David Jones
Angry Investor Aims to Kick Yahoo's Board to the Curb
03/28/16 9:09 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 612 Words

There isn't much value left in Yahoo to fix with a board reshuffling, noted Denis Pombriant, managing principal at Beagle Research Group.

"The cold reality is that there's very little reason for Yahoo to exist on its own. They no longer...

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