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Denis Pombriant
Sales Reach: A Marketing Tool for Reps
07/30/14 7:20 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 552 Words

I was impressed by the announcement by last week of a new product combination it calls "Sales Reach." It's supposed...

Denis Pombriant
Good to Gooder
07/23/14 7:39 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 822 Words

So far, Satya Nadella's moves as head of Microsoft echo the teachings of Jim Collins' 2001 best seller, Good to Great...

Denis Pombriant
How Many Pipelines Do You Have?
07/16/14 8:35 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 1042 Words

It's general practice to have multiple sales forecasts, and that typically means low and upside potential as well as what's committed...

Denis Pombriant
Can I Get My Reputation Back?
07/09/14 7:27 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 1025 Words

Ray Donovan was U.S. Labor Secretary under Ronald Reagan and a colorful figure. During his tenure he was indicted by a...

Denis Pombriant
CRM's Transition
07/03/14 11:04 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 1108 Words

It always happens this way. A market erupts or transitions to something new or it goes the way of the dodo...

Richard Adhikari
There May Be More to Salesforce's RelateIQ Buy Than Meets the Eye
07/14/14 6:59 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 639 Words

Many of Salesforce's partners -- such as Totango, C9 and Aviso -- already offer analytics, and "what I think is more important is this [purchase] gives Salesforce more of a footprint in process orientation," Denis Pombriant, principal of Beagle Research , told...

Denis Pombriant
Show Season Observations
06/25/14 6:23 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 1334 Words

Not that the shows ever end, but as I regain my spot on the ground, I have a few observations from...

Denis Pombriant
You Can Improve Your Sales Forecast
06/18/14 6:36 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 943 Words

I don't know anyone who was ever great at sales forecasting. This is not to say that it can't be done,...

Denis Pombriant
What Salesforce Has Up Its Sleeve
06/11/14 3:51 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 925 Words

Wearable computing hove into view in a big way this week when announced Salesforce Wear, which enables developers to build...

Denis Pombriant
What's the Future of Selling?
06/04/14 2:00 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 644 Words

I think about the future -- perhaps too much. I recently read Jeremy Rifkin's new book, The Zero Marginal Cost Society:...

Denis Pombriant
Kudos to Xactly
05/28/14 5:31 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 824 Words

Xactly , the SaaS-based incentive compensation solutions provider, has kicked it up a notch. The user meeting I attended last...

Denis Pombriant
SuiteWorld's Vision
05/22/14 2:24 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 749 Words

Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite , talked a lot about CRM in his keynote at SuiteWorld, his company's user meeting recently...

Denis Pombriant
Maximizing a Product Rollout
05/14/14 6:11 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 773 Words

Bringing a new product to market -- or even a new version of an existing product -- is not what it...

Denis Pombriant
Sub-Ledger for the Hybrid Enterprise
05/07/14 4:29 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 956 Words

There is a business problem that comes up in the life of every company, and these days it seems that a...

Erika Morphy
Salesforce Tries On Wearable Tech for Size
06/10/14 3:57 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 599 Words

"Consider this a Fitbit for the enterprise," Denis Pombriant, principal of Beagle Research , told CRM Buyer.

Another use could be in the realm of security. "There is an increasingly greater need for security in all kinds of venues," Pombriant said.

Denis Pombriant
Customer Experience Guru Joe Pine: Authenticity Is the New Quality
01/09/08 4:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 2044 Words

Denis Pombriant: You and your writing partner James Gilmore have been responsible for introducing some important ideas into the business world, like mass customization and the experience economy. How do you come up with ideas like that?

Joe Pine: Basically, we...

Denis Pombriant
'Well, I Am a Systems Guy'
12/15/10 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 909 Words

Denis Pombriant interviewed by John Taschek at Dreamforce.

Of Clouds and Forces
Nonetheless, if you look at the now eight clouds you are likely to miss -- or underestimate --...

Denis Pombriant
The On-Demand Call Center
08/30/06 4:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 1060 Words

Listen to Denis Pombriant (6:30 minutes)
Having the technology and the business model was not enough, however, especially in this market, because once a company made the big call center investment, it had to make the investment work out -- and...

Denis Pombriant
The Sales Web
08/09/06 4:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 1088 Words

Listen to Denis Pombriant (5:47 minutes)
In this case, customers have evolved to a point where they have changed the way many markets work. About a hundred years ago, mass markets were created, and fifty years ago, roughly, mass marketing...

Denis Pombriant
Prime Time for PRM
07/26/06 5:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 1057 Words

Listen to Denis Pombriant (6:20 minutes)
What's happening? Well, to a degree this is a predictable part of the technology lifecycle. As product categories mature, much of the mystery goes out of them because the consumer becomes acquainted with a...

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