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Tuesday - November 11, 2014
Kana has announced the first major upgrade of its flagship enterprise product following its acquisition earlier this year by Verint. Kana Enterprise Customer Engagement Optimization platform has been available since Oct. 31. At its core, the platform is the same, said Director of Product Marketing Kana Kelly Koelliker. It provides tools to facilitate customer engagement across multiple channels. [More...]

Monday - November 10, 2014
Don't get me wrong -- I think very highly of CRM. I've been making a living writing about it for almost a decade, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Still, covering CRM is a little bit like writing an honest biography of a complex person. Yes, there were moments when your subject achieved great things and was covered in glory, but there were also times when he didn't behave so well. [More...]

Friday - November 7, 2014
Showrooming, the bane of retailers, is the consumer practice of visiting a brick-and-mortar store to test out merchandise and then buying the same model online at a cheaper price. Now there's "webrooming" -- a new buzzword for a trend that's been gaining momentum. Webrooming is the consumer practice of using the Internet to research a purchase and then going to a physical store to buy it. [More...]

Wednesday - November 5, 2014
Microsoft on Tuesday announced a slew of new features and functionality for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. One of the most striking is the addition of Cortana, Microsoft's intelligent personal assistant. The company also added the ability to create predefined and configurable processes using branching logic, near real-time calculations and roll-ups for business information, and client API enhancements. [More...]

Tuesday - November 4, 2014
"By combining check-in with keyless entry, Starwood gives their customers convenience and saves them time," said Comunicano CEO Andy Abramson. If hotel employees don't have to handle check-in, they can spend more time helping guests and providing better service. "Of course, if Starwood is simply doing this to reduce labor, then the guests will find themselves looking elsewhere," Abramson remarked. [More...]

Monday - November 3, 2014
Pegasystems has unveiled a major upgrade to its customer service application, offering new functionality both for consumers and customer service reps. Pegasystems seeded the mobile version of Pega Customer Service with new functionality as well, said Steve Kraus, senior director of product marketing for CRM Solutions at Pega. The end goal was to assist users offering omnichannel customer service. [More...]

Friday - October 31, 2014
There aren't many areas in business where processes used to save money and maximize deal sizes also result in a better customer experience. The exact opposite is usually the case -- the drive to save money by making an internal process more productive or to increase the amount being sold to the customer usually impacts the customer experience for the worse. A notable exception is CPQ software. [More...]

Thursday - October 30, 2014
With CVS and Rite Aid abandoning Apple Pay just days after its launch, it may seem that a pitched mobile payments battle has begun. That's not quite true, though. Apple Pay's most formidable competitor is likely to be CurrentC -- backed by a number of retail giants, including Walmart. However, CurrentC isn't much more than a promise at this point. It's not expected to launch for several months. [More...]

Wednesday - October 29, 2014
Xactly continues its pioneering ways by analyzing anonymous data collected by its customers in compensation management. If you aren't familiar with the company's groundbreaking market analysis, you might be in for a treat. Its approach is relatively simple but extremely powerful. With the permission of the data owners, Xactly strips out identifying information and conducts sophisticated analyses. [More...]

Tuesday - October 28, 2014
It can be lonely trekking through the aisles of a big box store looking for a particular item. If you're lucky enough to find help, the employee still might not understand exactly what you want, or know if it's in stock or where to find it. Or the employee could be rude. Enter OSHbot -- Lowe's friendly robot service rep who soon will wander through Lowe's stores looking for customers to help. [More...]

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